Toto Wolff Unhappy With Mercedes Performance & Claims He Doesn\’t Want Anthing Gifted For The Team!

Mercedes Toto Wolff

Mercedes have struggled with their new car as they have failed to achieve a win in the 2022 championship. The Silvers Arrows are third in the constructors\’ championship this year and trail the leaders Red Bull by over 100 points. They have struggled to battle in front after being the constructors\’ champions for eight straight seasons between 2014-2021.

Unfortunately, the Silver Arrows have struggled with the new aerodynamic ground effect, which has caused a lot of porpoising in the W13. The Brackley-based outfit has tried to get over the porpoising issue which has led to a decrease in downforce and the pace. However, Mercedes seemed to have countered the bouncing issue to a large extent in Barcelona. There, George finished third while Lewis secured P5. However, the trouble for Mercedes came back on the Monaco street circuit, where the team struggled with completely different bouncing due to the bumpiness of the track and on the slower corners.


The Silver Arrows have only managed to attain three podiums so far. Moreover, all of them have come when the front-running teams, Red Bull and Ferrari have stumbled during the race. Naturally, the team principal Toto Wolff is not happy with Mercedes\’ current performance. He wants the team to get back into winning ways soon, so they can get back in the championship battle by finding some consistency. Wolff shared that Mercedes had won three podiums only when something went wrong for the teams in front. He added, \”At this moment, I don\’t want anything for us gifted.\”

Wolff Thinks Mercedes Are Learning Important Lessons During Their Struggles

The team principal pointed out that the Silver Arrows are the third-fastest team across the circuit and deserve to be in the fifth and sixth spots. However, Wolff revealed that this was not where his team w anted to be. Thus, it is nice for the team when they secure a podium for long-term points. Toto said that he did not want any of that. The Mercedes boss does not want the team to wait around before returning back to the front. But, he was happy with the lessons his team learned during the tough phase.

Wolff & Hamilton

Mercedes have failed to win a single race this season after being the topmost team during the hybrid era, which lasted from 2014 to 2021. During this term, the Silver Arrows won 111 out of 160 races and claimed constructors\’ titles. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton became one of the most successful drivers in F1 during this phase.

The former Austrian racer told that he wants to be a part of winning at the front. Toto also acknowledged that the Silver Arrows have learned a lot of important lessons. And he thinks that this year\’s championship will depend on how his team performs in the long run.

However, Wolff hopes that the Solver Arrows\’ will turn around in the upcoming race in Baku after another disappointment in Monaco, where the team finished P5 and P8. Thus, Mercedes will really need a stroke of luck at the Azerbaijan GP next weekend to get a better result.

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