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After the events at Monza, the engine penalty rule has become a matter of discussion in the Formula One circuit. Meanwhile, now, the team leaders of the racing teams are coming forward to discuss the issue. Lately, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto pointed out the issue of too many penalties because of the less number of power units. And now, the Mercedes principal Toto Wolff has also weighed in on the debate, criticizing the FIA. 

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Calls Out On Engine Penalty Rules

At the Italian GP, nine drivers on the grid were fined for using new power unit parts. Teams clearly identified the quick Italian circuit as the best spot for overtaking. Perhaps making grid drops less expensive than at other places. The result was a lack of clarity on who would start in which place among teams, drivers, and spectators. And everyone was confused until the FIA eventually released a provisional grid four hours after qualifying was completed.


The discussion over the existing method started after a four-hour delay from the FIA to provide the official starting grid for the race. It is appropriate in the present day for teams to be penalized with grid penalties if they violate certain restrictions on the number of engine parts utilized in a season. However, because of the new technical directives and the budget cap, the penalty count has increased drastically for all the teams. Following the absurd events at the Italian Grand Prix, Toto Wolff deemed the engine penalty regulations to be \”extremely confusing.\”

In Wolff\’s opinion, they should reevaluate the system when the engine cap engages. He stated that they do not want an arms race on engines introduced in exchange for the freedom they provide. Wolff stated, \”we will do it, and we will do it even more strategically.\” Toto Wolff also stated, \”We don\’t want to have an arms race on engines being brought because whatever freedom they give us.\” He continued, \”We will do it, and we will do it even more strategically.\”


The Austrian was emphatic in stating that he is aware that measures must be taken to prevent teams from gambling. Toto Wolff also stated that if the penalty is simply five or ten positions. They will blow an engine every race since it will be three-tenths of a second faster than previously. Therefore, there must be some deterrent.

At the same time, Mattia Binotto also pointed out that the regulations need to be reviewed and call for stricter enforcement of the laws. The Italian said that it took longer since there are many interpretations and the correction is not accurate enough.

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