Mercedes has had a tough run so far in the 2022 championship as they have failed to stay competitive. The Silver Arrows have struggled since the start of the season with their porpoising issues and lack of pace. They are trying hard to compete in front with Red Bull and Ferrari, who have a significant lead in the Constructors\’ championship compared to Mercedes. The German racing team has failed to win a single race in 2022 and clinched only five podiums after being the constructors\’ champions for eight straight seasons. However, the Mercedes W13 showed glimpses of competitive pace in Barcelona before struggling across the bumpy street circuits in Monaco, Baku, and Montreal.

Even still, the Silver Arrows are optimistic about their performance on a smoother and more conventional circuit in Silverstone. Fortunately, the team has enjoyed a fair amount of success at the circuit in the past. Last year, Lewis Hamilton won the race at his home circuit. So, the Briton would hope he can get near to his 2021 feat at the British Grand Prix. Moreover, the Silver Arrows also have some upgrades planned for the upcoming weekend in hopes of allowing Hamilton and George Russell a chance at the win.

Mercedes W13

Recently, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff claimed that his team would make another step towards finding performance and stability with new upgrades coming in Silverstone. The team principal also revealed that the Silver Arrows now have a clearer direction in their mission to counter porpoising and find a race-winning pace. He pointed out that Mercedes is focused on finding more pace. They still have a lot of work to do in order to compete for race wins.

Wolff Optimistic About Mercedes\’ Upgrades In Silverstone

The Mercedes boss said that while his team would be pleased with the flashes of pace their W13 has shown, the Silver Arrows still have a mountain to climb. He shared that Mercedes still need to do a lot of work to get to the front of the grid. Moreover, the 50-year-old was aware of Red Bull and Ferrari\’s considerable advantage. So, his team\’s challenge was to close the gap from the frontrunners.

Wolff told that Silverstone has been good for Mercedes in the past races. Thus, his team might have a chance to show competitive performance with improvements on the way and a much smoother track. In addition, Toto said, \”We are aiming to take another step forward. And we have a clearer direction now.


The team principal further mentioned that they are focused on finding more performance as the season progresses. After the race in Canada, Wolff told that the Silver Arrows could be competitive in Silverstone. This can happen if they succeed in running their car lower to the grower. However, his team needs to manage their expectations and keep working hard to improve.

Can Hamilton Win The British Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton is going through a tough season. He has not won a single race after losing the championship last year against Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi. The Briton has secured only two podiums with P3 finishes each time. The only time Hamilton looked like the seven-time world champion was in Barcelona when he fell back on the grid after an opening lap puncture. 


The 37-year-old made a strong comeback and finished fifth, showing the W13\’s competitive pace. However, he has finished in the top 5 in the last two races. So, Lewis and Mercedes still have a long way to go to achieve their first win. Red Bull is currently in the lead, while Ferrari might have the advantage of superior straight-line pace in Silverstone. Thus, if Mercedes gets their upgrades right and Hamilton gets the hang of the improved W13, he might have a fair bit of chance to compete at the front and surprise everyone with a win at his home circuit.

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