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Yesterday in Dutch Grand Prix, a questionable strategy by Mercedes left Lewis Hamilton without a podium. And as a burst out, the Briton made furious comments on the team radio. The head of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, has now given his team\’s rationale for letting Lewis Hamilton lead the race at Zandvoort while running on medium tires. To separate their strategy for the sprint to the finish line, Mercedes pitted George Russell for soft tires while the safety car was still in position. This put him behind Max Verstappen on the circuit in second place. The Red Bull driver sprinted to victory ahead of Russell and Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc. But Hamilton fell from first to fourth due to a wrong strategic call.

Toto Wolff Explained Mercedes\’ Strategy!

Toto Wolff felt bad for Hamilton but thought it was more of a confirmation than a mistake. Mercedes intended to adopt a hazardous tactic so that they could contend for the win rather than go for a predictable second-third position. While talking to Sky Sports, the team principal Toto Wolff stated, \”It is highly emotional for the driver, you are that close to be racing for the win. And then you\’ve been eaten up. So it is clear that every emotion comes out.\” 


Wolff further added that the driver is the only person in the cockpit at the moment and is almost unaware of what is happening. According to the Silver Arrows\’ boss, Lewis\’ tyre had completed five laps. Therefore, adopting the medium holding posture was the appropriate move. It ultimately didn\’t work out. Toto thinks that taking the chance might have helped Lewis Hamilton earn his first victory of the year.

Additionally, the Mercedes principal didn\’t believe that pitting both cars for new soft tyres would have been successful. It would have put Hamilton and Russell behind Verstappen at the restart. The same set of tyres, made it impossible for them to pursue the Red Bull driver. The team leader concluded by saying, \”I think we can look at the positives, and this is what I just discussed with Lewis. There is so much more positive to take.\”

Fans Throwing Flares On Lewis Hamilton?


During the qualifying at Zandorvoot, a fan had thrown a flare onto the racetrack during the second session. Although the officials quickly displayed a red flag and removed the flare of the track. However, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff urged the Dutch Grand Prix race officials to enforce stronger flare regulations.

Wolff even questioned whether Lewis Hamilton was the target of one of the flares thrown into the track. He also discussed the possible \”lethal repercussions\” of such behavior. According to Wolff, Mercedes had looked at the trajectory of the second missile and was concerned that Hamilton might have been its intended target. While this was happening, Hamilton supporters were outraged and defended the seven-time world champion.

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