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FIA last week confirmed that Red Bull racing did indeed breach the allotted budget cap in the 2021 Formula One Championship. Since then, the Austrian racing team is deeply submerged in the budget cap fiasco. Almost all the teams are calling out Red Bull\’s chief, Christian Horner, and his negligence with the cost cap. Meanwhile, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is one of the main people who has been pushing the entire budget cap agenda. However, recently the Silver Arrows\’ chief has revealed that he has sympathy for Max Verstappen.

Toto Wolff Believes Driver Punishments Over Budget Is Not Fair!

If it is determined that a team has violated the new budget cap rules for the sport, the FIA has a number of sanctions at its disposal. This can include the team being publicly criticized, paying a fee, or losing points in the Drivers\’ or Constructors\’ Championships. The FIA\’s study on the 2021 cost cap found Red Bull to have violated the budget cap \’minorly\’. Red Bull has gone above the spending cap despite there being no formal confirmation of the sum. However, the estimates put the price between $1.5 and $2 million.


How Red Bull will be penalized for their violation is still unknown by the FIA. Undoubtedly, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fought hard for the Drivers\’ Championship in the previous season. Therefore, Verstappen could be subject to a point deduction that would affect the 2021 World Championship\’s outcome and his title win.

Toto Wolff is hesitant about whether the drivers should be held accountable for their team\’s excessive spending because they do not influence their employers\’ choices. All the alteration in the modification in the vehicle is the team\’s choice. Therefore, the title race\’s odds might have been altered in their favor. The Mercedes Boss wants to see how the Cost Cap Adjudication Panel of the FIA will handle the decision-making process. However, he would not want to be a member of the panel.


However, Red Bull is now spending more than the legally permitted budget cap allowed due to additional spending that the FIA has attempted to add back into the initial submission. The Austrian racing team will undoubtedly contest these unnecessary features. The present procedure underway is a \”sit down\” between Red Bull and the FIA to discuss the F1 regulating body opinion on the subject.

Toto Wolff has been a vocal opponent of Red Bull Racing\’s alleged overspending. But his recent remarks expressing concern for how Max Verstappen has surprised many. Even for a \”small excess,\” the FIA reserves the power to subtract points from the previous season. This might result in Verstappen losing his 2021 F1 drivers\’ world championship.

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