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Los Angeles Lakers have had a disappointing start to the 2022 NBA season, losing four out of their five games in preparation for the season. The team head coach Darvin Ham has been experimenting a lot with the squad. But unfortunately, it did not pay off in the form of success. The team has struggled to find the right balance. However, the coach now indicates a major change.

What Is Darvin Ham Planning For Russell Westbrook?

The future of Russell Westbrook with the Los Angeles Lakers has been a topic of discussion for several months. Despite his problems, would he still start for the squad, or would he move to the bench? Even some people were speculating as to whether the Lakers will waive him. In the end, the squad chose to retain Westbrook, at least temporarily. Nevertheless, Darvin Ham, the head coach, has significantly altered his position in the team.


For the first time in his career, Westbrook sat on the bench during the team\’s last preseason game rather than getting the start. Fans were thrilled to see Darvin Ham make this move because they had been asking and pleading for it to happen for months. Ham felt the need to defend his decision, claiming that Westbrook\’s move to the bench was not a downgrade but rather a realignment.

Russell appeared to have improved during the preseason. But he was still not the player the team needed. Thus his benching makes sense. Westbrook, according to Darvin Ham, was very open to the change and was eager to help the squad in any way they needed. However, the player suffered an injury just five minutes into his new position as a bench player, prompting some to wonder if he was unhappy with Ham\’s selection. Whatever the case, Westbrook will need to adjust to the fact that Ham is the coach and makes the decisions.


Ham was aware that he would experiment with lineups during the preseason and even some of the regular season. According to Darvin Ham, Westbrook accepted his transfer to the bench with a positive attitude. The head coach also stated that the former league MVP might end up starting again.

The fact that Westbrook didn\’t whine about being put on the bench is undoubtedly a positive sign. Unlike the previous year, Los Angeles has a wide range of other reliable solutions at guard to rely on. When Westbrook sits on the bench, Kendrick Nunn, Patrick Beverley, and Dennis Schroder will likely be asked to fill in the point guard position.

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