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Lionel Messi is certainly one of the best football players that ever exists, and he continues to prove this statement time over time by performing exceptionally. Messi has several records on his name that includes six European Golden Shoes as well. There were several instances when Messi proved that his boots are actually golden by scoring some impossible goals. Some of these goals even stunned the players around him, as it was unbelievable for them as well. So far, Messi has scored more than 750 senior career goals for the club and country. Every single one of these goals is of utmost importance, but some of them were so good that they became a memorable part of Messi\’s career. So, below we listed the Top 5 Most Memorable Goals of Lionel Messi to let you know more about his best goals. 

5: Vs. Aresnal (2011)


Messi\’s goal against Arsenal in the second leg of the 2011 Champions League quarter-finals is certainly one of the best and most memorable goals of Lionel Messi\’s career. Not only that but this goal is said to be one of the greatest goals in European history. Barcelona defeated Arsenal in this match, and Messi was the only goal scorer in it. Messi reacted in a span of milliseconds and lobbed the ball over the right side of the goalkeeper. The fans also considered this goal to be one of the best goals of Messi\’s career. 

4: Vs. Athletic Bilbao (2015)


Messi never disappoints when it comes to the big matches. One of the most memorable goals of Lionel Messi came into the final match of the 2015 Copa Del Rey. Barcelona had already won the League and the Champions League that year. Messi scored two goals in this match as Barcelona defeated Athletic Bilbao by 3-1. The most memorable moment of this match was when Messi went three consecutive players only to beat another player to smash the ball at a tight angle to score the goal. 

3: Vs. Albacete (2004)


Messi\’s goal against Albacete back in 2004 holds a really special place in his life. Messi was only 17-years-old at that time, and it was his very first professional goal. The great thing about that goal as he got an assist by none other than Ronaldinho. After getting a pass from the legend, Messi lofted the ball over the goalkeeper to score his very first professional goal. The fans also view this goal as Ronaldinho passing the torch to Messi. As a result, this goal was one of the most memorable goals of Lionel Messi.   

2: Vs. Real Madrid (2017)


Messi\’s goal against Real Madrid on April 23, 2017, will go in the record books as one the greatest goals of El Clasico. It was a do-or-die match for Barcelona as they needed to win it at any cost in order to keep their hopes for the title alive. The score was 2-2, and the 90 minutes was already over. However, in the extra time, during the 92nd minute, Lionel Messi stunned everyone by smashing the ball into the goal post. He ran over to the fans of Real Madrid right after scoring the winning goal. 

1: Vs. Liverpool (2019)


Messi has performed several unbelievable free-kicks, but the one against Liverpool back in 2019 was certainly the best of his career. During the match, Messi gets a free kick where he bent the ball into the top corner from 30 yards out to score a goal. This goal is one of the most memorable goals of Lionel Messi as it was his 600th goal for Barcelona, and it also won the UEFA goal of the season. 

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