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Everyone is aware of the fact that how good Neymar Jr is actually on the field. He played for the clubs like Santos, Barcelona, and PSG and proved his worth to every single team. Not only that, but he is the second-highest goalscorer for Brazil and is only behind Pele. Neymar Jr has exceptional skill that makes him one of the best football players of all time. His name is considered among the players like Messi and Ronaldo whenever there is a discussion about the best football players. Neymar Jr has managed to score some really exceptional and unbelievable goals in his career that will always remain memorable for him and his fans. So, below we listed the Top 5 Best Goals by Neymar Jr that he has scored so far. 

5: Vs. Spain (2013) 

One of the best goals by Neymar Jr. came against Spain and that too in the finals of the 2013 Confederations Cup. Spain was the favorite to win this game. However, the team of Brazil and Neymar had different plans for them. It was also when Neymar had just completed his transfer from Santos to Barcelona, and most of the Europeans didn\’t know much about him. The 2-year-old stunned everyone in the game by beating the Spanish defense to put the ball into the goal post that became one of the most memorable goals of his career. 

4: Vs. Penarol (2011) 

Neymar\’s goal against Penarol in the 2011 Copa Libertadores finals is certainly one of the most important goals of his career. This goal helped Santos won their first Copa Libertadores cup since the good old Pele days. Neymar was also receiving a lot of criticism from the media at that time. He responded to the criticism by scoring one of the best goals of his career in the finals of the tournament. 

3: Vs. PSG (2017) 

One of the best goals by Neymar Jr came against his current club, PSG. It came in one of the best matches of the Champion League. In the first leg of the tournament, PSG humiliated Barcelona by defeating them at the score of 4-0. In the second leg, Barcelona decided to take their revenge and beat PSG by 6-1. During the second half of this match, Neymar Jr took a free-kick from 30 yards to score one of the best goals of his career. This goal was so good that PSG\’s goalkeeper couldn\’t do anything except watch the ball. 

2: Vs. Flamengo (2011) 

2011 can be said to be one of the best years of Neymar Jr\’s career. Neymar was playing for Santos and having a match against their long-time rivals Flamengo. At that time, Neymar was only 19-years-old, but he still managed to get the ball past the defense of Flamengo and gave it a perfect finish by smashing into the goal post. Many fans even said that Neymar could claim the Puskas award with a goal like this. This goal will always go down in history as one of the best goals by Neymar Jr. 

1: Vs. Germany (2016) 

There is nothing better than seeing Neymar scoring exceptional goals in big matches. One of the best goals by Neymar Jr and probably the most important goal of his international career came against Germany in the finals of the 2016 Olympics. During the match, Neymar Jr scored an exceptional free-kick. The match ended in a draw, and then Neymar scored the decisive penalty as well to won the gold medal for his nation. 

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