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Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his legacy as one of the best football players of all time. He continues to prove why he is the best among the best by scoring some really impossible goals with the help of his exceptional skill. There is a reason why Ronaldo holds the record for most international goals scored by any player. Not only that, but he managed to win the European Golden Shoes. When it comes to scoring goals, Ronaldo has top-notch skills. Some of his goals were so good that the fans couldn\’t be able to believe what they said. Below we listed the Top 5 Best Goals by Cristiano Ronaldo that are too good to watch. 

5: Vs. Roma (April 2008)

Along with the exceptional free-kicks, Ronaldo is quite famous for his headers as well. His goal against Arsenal back in April 2008 is more than enough to prove why he is one of the best headers in the world. During the semi-finals of the Champions League, Ronaldo scored a phenomenal header by sprinting into the box. It was certainly one of the best goals by Cristiano Ronaldo. 

4: Vs. Porto (April 2009)

One of the best goals by Cristiano Ronaldo came against Porto in April 2009. During this game, Ronaldo had a point to prove that he certainly did. This goal of Cristiano Ronaldo is quite famous as a \”40-yard missile.\” Ronaldo smashed the ball into the goal post from 40-yards away, and the goalkeeper of Porto didn\’t even get a chance to get near to the ball. This goal will always remain one of the best goals of Ronaldo\’s career as with its help Manchester United became the first English team to win against Porto at home. 

3: Vs. Portsmouth (January 2008)

Ronaldo and free kicks is a different kind of love story. Back in January 2008, Ronaldo scored a jaw-dropping free-kick goal against Portsmouth. It was his famous knuckleball free-kick technique that many players tried to copy but failed. Ronaldo took this free-kick from 25 yards out and smashed the ball in a way it dipped into the top right corner of the goal post. Even the goalkeeper didn\’t get a chance to get near the ball. This beautiful free-kick is definitely one of the best goals by Cristiano Ronaldo. 

2: Vs. Chelsea (May 2008)

Big games and headers by Ronaldo always go side by side. Ronaldo\’s header against Chelsea in the finals of the 2008 Champions League is definitely not the toughest goal scored by him, but it is certainly one of the best goals by Cristiano Ronaldo as it came when his team needed it the most. It was Ronaldo\’s 42nd goal of the season that helped Manchester United in lifting the trophy of the 2008 Champions League. 

1: Vs. Arsenal (May 2009)

Ronaldo has scored not one but two memorable goals against Arsenal back in the semi-finals of the 2009 Champions League. The first one was a giant 40-yards out free-kick. Even the commentators said it was too far for Ronaldo to think about a goal. However, Ronaldo proved them by putting the ball into the goal post from an unbelievable distance. The second one was also stunning, where Ronaldo sprinted really fast to smash Rooney\’s past above the goalkeeper\’s head to score the goal. 

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