Lakers\’ LeBron James Creates History, Becoming The Sole Player To Reach 10,000 Points, Rebounds, and Assists

LeBron James

On Monday, LeBron James gave the Lakers another reason to be proud in a losing cause against the Phoenix Suns. James created has become the first player in the history of the NBA to cross the 10,000 mark in points, assists, and rebounds.

LeBron became the first player to be a part of this esteemed category. James achieved the feat in the early moments of the second quarter. He passed the ball to Carmelo Anthony, who took a 3-pointer, giving LeBron his second assist of the game and the 10,000th of his NBA career. 


During a disappointing game for the Lakers against the Suns, James scored 31 points with seven rebounds and six assists. James is currently in the third position on the All-Time Leaders list on NBA\’s official website. He has scored 36,854 career points with 10,159 rebounds and 10007 assists. Only Kareem Adul-Jabbar and Karl Malone are ahead of the 27-years old lakers superstar. He only needs 74 more points to surpass Karl Malone, who currently stands at 36,928 career points.

James Shares His Joy On Achieving The Statistical Feat:

After the game against the Suns, LeBron revealed that he had modeled his game after the NBA league. He was pleased to be alone in the statistical category and be able to score, rebound, and assist. James also added that every big achievement of his career has always reminded him of his roots. James said, \”I automatically start thinking about my hometown of Akron [Ohio] and my upbringing.\” He was grateful that he achieved his dream of being a part of the league and playing the highest level of basketball. 

Further, James told that his teammates and mother congratulated him. His mother had texted him during the half-time, which he saw after the game. He also revealed that all the great achievements in his life had left him short of words. However, he was honored to be a part of the league. Talking about the Lakers\’ performance this season, LeBron said that as a player, he tries to take the victories that come during the journey of one\’s long career. James added, \”And tonight is one that happened not only for myself but for my family and friends.\” 


James first appeared at the NBA stage during his rookie season in 2003-04. He was drafted as the first overall by his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. He stayed with t he Cavs from 2003-to 2010, where he had two MVP seasons. The Miami Heat picked him up after becoming a free agent. James remained with the Bulls from 2010-to 2014 before returning to the Cavs.

Under James, Cleveland made four consecutive final appearances from 2014-to 2018. The Cavs also won their second championship in 2017. James moved to the LA Lakers in 2018 and has been there ever since. The Lakers would hope that James\’ clinical performances would motivate them to make it to the playoffs of an unimpressive season this year.

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