WWE is certainly one of the oldest wrestling promotions right now as the company has more than seven decades-long histories. Throughout these years, the company has produced several exceptional wrestlers who appeared in thousands of matches. However, there aren\’t many wrestlers in the promotion who can brag about winning more than a thousand matches. Only a handful of superstars managed to achieve this feat, and they are the Top 10 Wrestlers with the Most Number of Wins in WWE. So, who are they? Let\’s find out.

10: Hulk Hogan (1003 Wins)


Whenever we talk about the greatest wrestlers in WWE, the name of Hulk Hogan always pops up. He is one of the legendary wrestlers of the promotion who has competed in a total of 1195 matches. Out of these, he defeated his opponent in 1003 matches. Hulk Hogan has been in the wrestling business since the 1980s. He was also the first wrestler who managed to win against Andre, the Giant at WrestleMania. Not only that, Hulk Hogan was the face of the company for more than a decade. Hogan was one of the most over wrestlers of his time. 


9: Tito Santana (1062 Wins) 


Tito Santana might be the only wrestler who has never held WWE or the World Heavyweight Championship. Santana is certainly one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step inside the ring of WWE. But unfortunately, he never captured the big gold. Tito Santana has competed in a total of 1723 matches and managed to win 1062 of them. He was one of the biggest wrestlers of the company who made consecutive appearances in the first nine WrestleMania events. 

8: Kofi Kingston (1135 Wins)


Kofi Kingston is a former WWE champion and is still an active part of the SmackDown roster. He is a grand slam champion who has a total of 14 tag-team championship reigns registered on his name. Currently, he is a part of a stable named New Day along with Xavier Woods. Throughout his career, Kofi Kingston has participated in a total of 1933 matches and managed to win on 1135 occasions. The great thing is that Kingston is still active in the ring, and that means he still has a chance to move his name further ahead on this list. 

7: Randy Orton (1185 Wins)


Randy Orton made his debut back in 2002, and ever since then, he never turned back. He started his career as a legend killer, but now he himself becomes a WWE legend. Randy Orton is one of the most decorated WWE superstars with a total of 14 world title reigns. He is one-half of the current Raw tag team champions, along with Matt Riddle. Randy Orton has had 2250 matches in his WWE career so far. Out of these 2250 matches, he managed to win on 1185 occasions. This impressive record makes Randy Orton one of the greatest superstars in the history of WWE. 

6: Big Show (1223 Wins)


Big Show is not a part of WWE anymore as he signed with All Elite Wrestling earlier this year. However, he is still one of those superstars who has registered the most number of victories in WWE. The seven-foot giant was one of the most dominated wrestlers in WWE. He used to manhandle his opponents with ease inside the ring. As a result, Big Show managed to win 1223 matches out of his total 1764 WWE matches. Currently, Big Show is an active part of the AEW roster and is still active inside the ring. 

5: Shawn Michaels (1224 Wins)


Shawn Michaels is one of the most energetic and successful WWE superstars ever. He has actively wrestled in the company for more than three decades and delivered several unforgettable moments to the fans. The Heartbreak Kid has held the WWE title on several occasions throughout his career and has multiple career-defining moments. Shawn Michaels has competed in 1764 matches throughout his WWE career and registered victory on 1124 of them. He is still with the company and is in charge of WWE NXT along with his best friend Triple H. 

4: Bret Hart (1459 Wins)


Bret \”the Hitman\” Hart is one of the most decorated and talented wrestlers that ever stepped inside a WWE ring. He is even recognized as one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. Bret Hart was the face of WWF during the New Generation Era. This legendary wrestler has competed in a total of 2141 matches. Out of these matches, he stood tall in the ring 1459 times. Bret Hart is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who has one of the memorable careers in WWE. 

3: Kane (1497)


The current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, who appeared in WWE as Kane, is at third place on the list of wrestlers with the most numbers of wins in WWE. The Big Red Monster is one of the most intimidating WWE superstars who can give nightmares to anyone. His character and gimmick are considered as one of the greatest of all time. Throughout his career, Kane has competed in a total of 2813 matches. He managed to win 1497 of these matches to cement his legacy as one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. 

2: The Undertaker (1697 Wins)


The next up in the list is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time. The Undertaker has impressed the fans ever since he made his pro-wrestling debut. His character was unique and was more than enough to give chills to anyone. He recently retired from WWE last year. He is also the Superstar who has the most number of victories at WrestleMania. The Undertaker has wrestled a total of 2186 matches in WWE and won 1697 of them.

1: John Cena (1731 Wins)

John Cena SummerSlam Credit: WWE

The top name in the list is none other than John Cena. The top bay face of the company that has ruled over WWE for more than a decade holds a record for the most number of wins in WWE. He has a total of 16 World title reigns which is the most by any superstar. He shares this position along with Ric Flair. John Cena has competed in a total of 2180 matches and managed to win 1731 of them. 

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