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This Is How The Yankees Are Weaker Than The Rays Despite The Highest Payroll

The New York Yankees front office tried their best to collect the best players out there into the New York Baseball team. In the 2023 season, the Yankees had the highest payroll of around $250 million, surpassing the average payroll of other MLB teams. However, sadly, they are at the lowest currently in the AL East. Below the Rays, Orioles, Red Sox, and Blue Jays, the team is still counting on the disadvantages they may have that are preventing their wins from the above teams.

On Friday, ahead of the Yankees’ 5-4 loss to the Rays, manager Aaron Boone realized that despite the highest payroll, the team lacks some of the advantages that the Rays do not. The Bombers have Aaron Judge, the 62 home runner, as the captain, and they have Carlos Rodon. And a lot more top 100 players of MLB. Despite this, “we can’t do some things that the Rays can,” says Boone.

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Boone also admitted one thing, “They [Rays] can do a lot of things We [Yankees] can’t do.” Now what exactly he was talking about is still unclear. But we can estimate that the Rays are really more efficient in terms of organizing the team. They are simply ruthless. The one very astonishing thing for the Rays is to know that they started the season with one of the lowest payrolls, approximately $61 million. Yet they managed to secure the important players who are actually bringing wins to the team. The Rays have Blake Snell, dominating for five years. But the payment he received is less than an average Yankees outfielder. He then was shipped to the Padres with a $50 million extension.

The Rays Do Not Fear In Retooling Their Rosters, The Yankees Manager Respects Them For it

The Tampa Bay Rays often take gutsy moves in terms of sending the players away. One of which is Willy Adames, who was shipped to the Brewers despite being a solid shortstop of the team. Not only Adames but also Chris Archer, who was a two-time All-Star, was traded with the Pirates 5 years ago. The Rays take huge care of their rotations, even if it costs goodbyes to the star players.

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A fact has come out that the team may not have a large fanbase due to their frequent player turnovers. But they still manage to satisfy their dedicated followers with their impressive scores – a crucial aspect of the game. When the Rays replaced Archer with the younger player, Tyler Glasnow, it was a really risky retooling. But they did and got succeeded.

Nevertheless, according to the Yankees manager, who is kind of impressed with the Tam Bay’s organization method, the team is making really sound moves. Especially when they are able to find the diamonds in the rough throughout MLB. Boone believes that maintaining a top-line farm system is an advantage the Rays have because they can always grab people. The Bombers manager respects the Rays for how they became a well-run team in baseball. “certainly in baseball, but in sports. They do a great job,” he said.

So the advantage that the Rays have and the Yankees don’t is the guts to sell off their once-great players for the future of the team.