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Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Trying To “Avoid Paranoia” In Internal Rivalry

Team Red Bull is leading the 2023 world championship with all the points. There is no team on the grid that is targeting Red Bull. Even Mercedes, with their latest upgrade, is not daring to drive around the RB19. Currently, Aston Martin and Ferrari are the potential targets for the Silver Arrows. Team Aston Martin is a little challenging for Red Bull, but the gaps between Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s podiums say it all. So basically, no team is a threat for Verstappen’s third world championship BUT his own teammate! Yes, the internal theory of Red Bull, in which the boss Christian Horner has taken responsibility for a fair and equal game. This means the team may allow Sergio Perez to win the championship this time, as he DESERVES it.

Christian Horner often undergoes criticism for doing partial among the Red Bull drivers. Blame for favoritism continues to go on him as he supports Max Verstappen, despite his refusal of the team’s order. However, Horner never accepted such allegations. And now he has taken a step further in his justification calling this mentality to be “paranoia.” He has recently spoken about the biggest issue any team faces in the paddock- equal treatment to the drivers. And it was quite favorable for Sergio Perez this time.

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Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen (Image source: Autosport)

Christian Horner Explains How The Driver’s Being Treat Equally Is Actually A Problem

In a news conference held on Friday, Red Bull TP Christian Horner explained that this is a “luxury” problem that each team principal in the pitlane must be prepared to face. “It is something that Red Bull has experienced before,” he said; perhaps he meant about Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen’s 2019 dispute. However, he then asserted that in this situation, the key thing is to ensure that paranoia does not creep in and that both drivers are treated equally.

Meanwhile, there was a little frustration over the fact that the equality parameter sometimes reaches the point where which driver gets out of the garage first matters. “Even alternating in the debrief, which driver talks first,” Horner said. He believes there should be a limit considering all circumstances based on which the judgment should be made. There are several situations when things happen occasionally, like the safety car or pitstop. Making decisions here is responsible for the driver’s win. But you can’t call it partiality. What matters is the driving skills; the driver with the best moves wins!

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Christian Horner with Sergio Perez Red Bull

Speaking of Sergio Perez, who is just 6 points behind Max Verstappen in the driver’s standings, the boss of the Austrian team claimed he is in the sky. Even since Checo started driving, he never started this spectacularly. Within four rases, he nailed the two, including a sprint. “He started the 2023 season stronger than he has ever done,” said Christian Horner. The one thing that matters in any sport is confidence, and Horner believes that Checo’s confidence is just sky high.