Max Verstappen hAppy about the Red Bull's RB19 balance
Max Verstappen Happy about the Red Bull’s RB19 balance

Over the weekend, Max Verstappen experienced a setback in Baku after losing to his teammate Sergio Perez in the sprint and Azerbaijan Grand Prix. However, things are looking up for the two-time world champion in Miami. During the second Free Practice session, Verstappen maintained his position as the fastest driver, while his teammate encountered issues similar to those in Melbourne with the Red Bull RB19. So far, in Miami, the team succeeded in meeting all the expectations of the Dutch driver. Being able to score the best time in FP2 by 1:27:930, just ahead of the Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Max Verstappen is “very happy” with the balance of his car.

Max finished the free practice session ahead of Carlos Sainz by 0.385 s and Charles Leclerc by 0.468s, who caused a shortened ride in the first session due to the accident. However, the credit for such a smooth ride of the RB19 goes to the “BALANCE” it holds, especially with the soft tires. Its pace is something on another level. Let’s see what the two-time world champion who is gearing up the RB19 for his third win of the season has to say about his experience in Miami so far.

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Max Verstappen claimed the first day in Miami to be a good day. The Red Bul driver explained that, at first, he was trying to get used to the tracks. As the Miami International Autodrome has resurfaced, it was responsible for giving a new experience to the drivers. As per Max, the track has gone through a lot of improvements. He said, “I felt good with the car. There was a good balance right away.

Max Verstappen Had A Really Good Experience With The RB19 And The New Miami Track

However, there are some mistakes too in the track despite it being resurfaced. Nax was able to point out that the track is “still slippery outside the ideal line. While on the race line, it is quite good.” The second wrong thing about the Miami track is that it still has very less grip. The same issue that caused chaos last year is not yet gone. Nevertheless, these things do not matter as it was the same situation for each driver driving out there. The most important thing for the Red Bull driver is they found a GOOD BALANCE in the car,” Max said, “I am happy.”

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at Miami

Max Verstappen believes that there is always something the team has to look at which can be improved. Whether it is about Red Bull’s balance or the Miami Track, room for improvement is still there. Meanwhile, Max figured out what sort of improvements a driver has to look at. For him, the ideal thing would be to become a little faster at each corner. “But it is not always possible.” Because it all depends on what the weather will be like the next day. However, in conclusion, all that Max could say about the free practice day in Miami is, “It was a positive day.”

Later the driver clarified that team Red Bull was not able to make consistent long runs. he feels that his team is still in the same boat as others. But there are a few advantages with Red Bull. First that the rivals are not able to complete their program the same as Red Bull. And second, is that “Red Bull has a good balance every time the RB19 goes to the track with high fuel.”