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LeBron James Lakers Draymond Green Warriors Source: NBC Sports

Everybody knows behind the intense rivalry between LeBron James and Draymond Green on the court, there is a great friendship off the court. Draymond has always praised LeBron, no matter what. Even when a lot of people voted for Michael Jordan as the GOAT, Draymond Green has always mentioned that he feels LeBron James is the GOAT. He never changed his answer as to who he thinks is the greatest. Clearly, there is so much admiration between the two for each other. But the whole world knows about their epic rivalry on the court.

It is now more than intense as the Warriors met LeBron James back in his Cavaliers days for four consecutive NBA finals. The Warriors won three times, but King James won once in 2016. It was 2018 when the Warriors and James met the last time in playoffs. The defending champions won their third title back then. Since then, LeBron James has never faced the Warriors in playoffs. But now, when both of the best friends are hustling together to clinch that one spot, Green says that his personal relationship with James won’t mean anything during the games.


Draymond Green Says Friendship With LeBron James Won’t Matter On Court

Draymond Green LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers Draymond Green Warriors Source: Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

It is a new chapter when James is playing for the Lakers and facing the Warriors in the Western Conference semi-finals. After the first two games, things already look pretty exciting. Now, it is going to be an epic battle between the Lakers and the Warriors. The Golden States are fighting to defend their championship. Moreover, the Lakers are fighting for redemption after what happened last year. Apparently, the LA side could not make the postseason. It was terrible, and hence they needed to make the postseason this time. Even LeBron James mentioned, “Not making the postseason twice in a row is not in my DNA.”

Looks like King James won’t let any friendship come his way from winning that championship. That is the stern focus of LeBron James right now. Furthermore, a similar point of view is also driving LeBron’s friend cum rival, Draymond Green. As the Warriors star said via Yahoo Sports that, personal relationships won’t matter when we meet on the court. Green added, “They are a ruthless side, and it won’t change if you are on the wrong side.” He believes that when the players run and jump on the court, they do it for a single goal: Winning Championships. That’s just it. For that 48 minutes on the court, nothing else matters.

The Warriors-Lakers Series Has Started Exactly As Expected

Stephen Curry LeBron James
Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers Source: SFGATE

The playoff semis have started pretty intensely as well as it was expected to go. The Lakers won the first game at Chase Center after an exciting battle. The game ended on a happy note for the LA side as they won 117-112. The Warriors are generally pretty strong at home. Furthermore, they proved it when the two sides met again at Chase Center for Game 2.

The Warriors blew the Lakers away by 127-100. It just got a lot more interesting later as the series is evenly poised as both sides won one each. But it is still a long way to go. Only time will tell if the two sides will face five more times in this series, or maybe three more times will do the trick.