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Manager Aaron Boone Goofs Up Majorly As Yankees Burn Two Run Lead In Ninth Inning

The New York Yankees arrived back home in New York after a tortuous road trip and locked horns with Cleveland Guardians on Monday. Ahead of the game, the Bombers faced a massive setback as their captain, Aaron Judge, faced his inevitable fate and got placed on a 10-day IL stint. Despite the loss, the team looked to bounce back from the previous embarrassing 2-15 defeat against the Texas Rangers.

However, as fate would have it, the Yankees ended up registering yet another humiliating loss, arguably worse than the one against the Rangers, solely because they let the win slip away at the very last moment. The Bombers held their grip on the game with a two-run lead till the very top of the ninth innings, and within a matter of few minutes, the tables turned, and the Guardians took the series lead by 1-0. And the man at the center of the defeat is Yankees manager Aaron Boone.


Aaron Boone’s Blunder To Remove Domingo German Costed Yankees A Much Deserved Win

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Domingo German stepped on the mound on Monday, seeking redemption. He gave away seven runs in his last outing and looked determined to turn things around. German did just that and pitched on the longest starts of his entire career. The pitcher lasted for 8.2 innings and gave away just one run. However, towards the end, Yankees manager Aaron Boone played a gamble move that badly backfired. He pulled out German and handed the ball to reliever Clay Holmes. Holmes had just one job to close out the inning, which he messed up. He messed up a routine plan and allowed the Guardians to cover all bases.

The game eventually stayed tied at 2-2, and Aaron Boone again replaced Clay Holmes with Wandy Peralta. But with all bases covered, Peralta had too little role to play. Four balls later, Mike Zunino earned a free walk, and the Guardians earned the tiebreaker third run to claw back a victory from the jaws of defeat. Certainly, the heartbroken fans blamed the skipper for the loss. The spectators in the stadium even revolted against the move to eject Domingo German by booing Aaron Boon when he walked out on the field. However, the manager stood firm on his decision and cost the Yankees a deserved win.

Domingo German Proud Of His Heroic Effort Despite Heartbreaking Loss

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New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German (0) hands the ball to manager Aaron Boone. / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Amid the embarrassing and humiliating defeat, Domingo German emerged as the unsung hero of the game. Despite his efforts getting washed down the drain, the pitched stayed satisfied with his efforts. German, who walked out off a standing ovation from the crowd, said he would have loved to close the game for the team but had to follow the manager’s commands.

However, he is happy with his performance improvement. During the longest outing of his career, German added his rhythm on the mound was phenomenal as he could adjust his fastballs pretty well. The pitcher wanted to pitch in the low areas and successfully managed to execute it. Even the Yankees manager, who spoiled his outing completely, lauded the pitcher’s efforts and called it one of the best of his career.