Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge-MrBeast

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as “MrBeast”, is the most successful Youtuber at the moment. He has over 125 million subscribers. Moreover, he is known for creating engaging content on his Youtube channel. However, not many know that Beast has been a former Baseball player himself. Beast played Baseball for four years during his high school days. However, post-graduation, he completely devoted his time to content creation.

Still, Mr.Beast remains one of the biggest Baseball fans and attends MLB games once in a while. Meanwhile, a strange incident took place at one of such games, which could have landed the Youtuber in deep trouble. While attending a game between the Yankees and Reds, MrBeast placed a bet on Yankee superstar Aaron Judge. However, the bet could have resulted in something disastrous for the former outfielder.


MrBeast Placed A Special Bet For Aaron Judge Fans


It happened so that MrBeast, along with Karl Jacobs and Chandler, went to attend an MLB game between New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds. During the game, Beast uploaded an Instagram story on his official page wherein he placed a bet. He took a picture of Aaron Judge and wrote that if Judge managed to score a home run, he would give out $100 to each Aaron Judge fan.

The story immediately went viral and intrigued the fans. Just imagine the magnitude of money that he would have to let out if Aaron scored. Fortunately for MrBeast, Aaron Judge could not register a home run in that game, and the Youtuber breathed a sigh of relief. Moreover, how MrBeast could have managed to complete the bet if Aaron had scored remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the bet inducted a lot of excitement among Baseball, especially the Yankee fans.

Aaron Extends His Contract With Yankees, Likely To End Up As A Forever Yankee

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Meanwhile, coming back to this off-season, Aaron Judge has created history by extending his contract with the Yankees. After being almost sold to the Giants, Judge decided to stay with the Bombers probably till the end of his career. Aaron signed a nine-year contract worth $360 million. Hence, Judge becomes the most expensive player in the history of Major League Baseball. Moreover, the outfielder will be leading the Bombers this season.

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Along with Aaron Judge, the Yankees drafted Carlos Rodon for a massive six-year deal. Moreover, they retained most of their star player to create a strong bullpen for the 2023 season. Since the Yankees have been in a quest to win a championship for 14 years, the front office has stayed active this off-season to break the jinx. Lastly, the roaster looks strong, apart from a couple of pressing issues that could be resolved internally.

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