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“They Represent Much More Than Themselves,” Red Bull Boss Warns Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez To Avoid Conflict

Undoubtedly, Red Bull Boss Christian Horner has a lot of faith in both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Both drivers are gradually becoming each other’s most significant threat to the title. The Dutchman has won three races already. On the other hand, Checo has won two races so far. Clearly, both of them are going neck and neck with each other. Moreover, chances are increasing that the duo might get as close as a single race which would decide the fate of the season’s world champion.

The Austrian team is obviously the favorite to win the constructor’s championship this year as well. However, Max Verstappen may not dominate the season like last year. Last year Max won 15 out of 22 races and broke the record for most wins in a season last year. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel hold the previous most-wins record with 13 GP wins in a season. Hence, F1 fans are curious to know how many races the Dutchman will win this year out of 23 races. However, this year fans may not see a single racer dominate with so many victories.


Christian Horner Warns Both Of His Drivers To Avoid Conflict

Red Bull boss
Christian Horner Red Bull. Source: GP Fans

At the very start of this year, Sergio Perez made his intentions clear that he wants to win the world championship this time. He won’t play a supporting role to Max anymore. Instead, the Mexican will challenge the two-time champion to take the title away. But in the meantime, boss Christian Horner has asked both of his drivers to remember what they are representing before the competition heats up. Red Bull boss has urged Max and Checo to remember the value of the efforts of 1,500 employees along with shareholders and partners. Clearly, the competition is way more than just the two drivers. Hence, Horner feels the two Red Bull drivers must see beyond themselves before the conflict arises between the two.

Red Bull boss also emphasizes the fact that the team treats the two drivers equally. Recently, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was canceled due to the Imola flood. Now, the next Grand Prix will be held in Monaco next weekend. Till then, the Milton-Keynes-based team is happy with more one-two finish. There have been four one-twos Red Bull finishes this season already. Only at the Australian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton had a P2 finish, with Max Verstappen winning the race. That was the seven-time champion’s 192nd podium finish. Otherwise, Horner’s team is completely enjoying hegemony on the grid at present.

RB19 Is Making It Easy For Red Bull

Red Bull RB19
Red Bull RB19 Source: GPFans

The RB19 car is undoubtedly the fastest at present. And currently, it looks like team Red Bull may go on to win all the races this season. It may get a bit disappointing and boring for the Mercedes and Ferrari fans. But the Austrian team’s fans will dig the competition between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. Checo will finish with a career-high season if he wins any more races this year.

The Mexican has not won more than two races a season. However, Horner will keep in check that the atmosphere in the Milton Keynes team’s camp stays as friendly as possible. But the Red Bull boss won’t mind if the two drivers may go all guns blazing when they are on the race track.