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Reports: Ferrari Formulating $40 Million Contract To Lure Mercedes Ace Lewis Hamilton

Looks like Mercedes’ ace and seven-time Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton will face a major dilemma at the end of the ongoing season. His existing contract with the Silver Arrows will expire at the end of 2023, and an extension hasn’t been announced yet. While both parties remain committed to continuing their long-withstanding and highly successful partnership, insider rumors paint a whole different picture.

Lewis Hamilton has announced his loyalty to the Brackley-based team and said that a contract extension is in motion. However, rumors of him joining Ferrari started doing rounds a few weeks ago. Neither Lewis, Mercedes, nor Ferrari have openly denied the rumors. Their silence has further fueled the speculations. Meanwhile, a fresh report has claimed that the Scuderia team already has a contract offer in place to tempt the Briton.


Ferrari Willing To Offer $40 Million Contract To Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Photograph: DPPI/Shutterstock

The Daily Mail has dropped a bombshell update on Lewis Hamilton’s contract status. Scuderia Ferrari has apparently prepared a $40 million contract for the Mercedes ace. The report further claimed Hamilton is having talks with the Red team behind the scenes and is keeping his options open. But it’s much more than just money. Ferrari has promised to provide Hamilton with a competitive car good enough to get him his eighth world championship. That will reportedly lure the Briton to don the Reds in the upcoming season.

However, Hamilton’s loyalty to Mercedes could be a major roadblock in the dream deal. The Briton has time and again claimed that Silver Arrows is his home, and he is obliged to stay with the team during difficult times. But for how long can Hamilton, who possibly is at the last stretch of his career, drag the wrecked car? He has to look out for his future, and if he wants to earn that dream title, Ferrari remains his best bet. Also, the Daily Mail mentioned that the Briton’s family wants to see him drive the iconic red car for once before he retires. Hence, all things considered, Ferrari’s current offer is too good for Lewis Hamilton to turn down. Of course, all these things are mere speculations for now, as nothing has been confirmed by any official representative of either of the parties involved.

Ferrari Planning To Throw Charles Leclerc Under The Bus

Charles Leclerc
Ferrari Driver Charles Leclerc (Getty Images)

Scuderia Ferrari is dropping a lot of hints over their upcoming move of signing Lewis Hamilton. As reported, they have already chalked up a $40 million contract for the Briton. But who will face the axe? It’s most likely Charles Leclerc. The Monégasque earlier denied the rumors of having contract talks with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. However, it seems like his own team wants to cut him loose. Undoubtedly, Charles’ time on the Red team has been disappointing. Moreover, the team boss’ recent comments have further added fuel to the fire.

Piero Ferrari, the vice chairman of Ferrari, said Charles Leclerc does not have what it takes to be a world champion for now. He compared him to the reigning world champion, Max Verstappen, and said the Monégasque lacks experience. Piero further claimed despite having an equal pace as the Red Bulls, Leclerc had made mistakes and needed to grow as a driver. Well, the comments did not sit well with the F1 pundits who feel the Red team is throwing the 25-year-old under the bus to hide their own shortcomings. The team remains clearly unhappy with the Monégasque and might cut him loose at the end of his tenure or sooner.