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These Are The Records Max Verstappen Will Have To Break This Year To Achieve His Third Championship Title

The two-time back-to-back season record-breaking world champion Max Verstappen has just started his journey to becoming one of the F1 legends. He is indeed making pages in the history book. What he has achieved so far is nothing in front of what is coming forward. Making a legendary, his legendary entered in 2014 Japanese Grand Prix behind the wheels of Toro Rosso to become the youngest F1 GP winner in Spain in 2016; Max Verstappen became hungry for victories.

Now that Schumacher’s record for winning most races in a season has already been broken, Max Verstappen is set to break more records this upcoming season. Traveling on the path of Hamilton, Verstappen has reached two stations already, just five more, and he will become the GOAT in all manners. The Red Bull star has won 35 races; winning six more will equal him with Ayrton Senna. Matching the legend’s point of view, Max won 15 races last year. Max would have broken Sebastian Vettel’s record for most consecutive wins only if he had won the Singapore and Brazilian Grand Prix in 2022.

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Young Max Verstappen Meeting With Michael Schumacher

These Are The Legacy And Mythological Records That Max Verstappen Is All Set To Break By This Year.

However, this year, if Max Verstappen manages to win the Bahrain GP and pave the way to continuous victories till the Spanish Grand Prix, he will break Vettel’s record. The next target set for the reigning world champion is Fernando Alonso. He has the record for most, 89-most career podium finishes. At present, Max Verstappen stands 21 places behind the Spaniard. But this upcoming season, he can easily break that record, as in 2021, he already held the record for most podium finishes in a season.

Not only that legacy records are on the way to getting broken by the Dutchman, but there is also a set of mythology records, as suggested by Fox Sports, that can be achieved by Max Verstappen soon.

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Max Verstappen has been in Red Bull for 6 six years, making his tenure the longest he will become the third top driver to start 163 races. And hopefully, if the Red Bull ace participates in all the 23 races held in this upcoming season, then he will enter the list of top six drivers to compete most consecutively with 186 scores. However, by this year, he could not break Hamilton’s record, who will make 223 races by the end of 2023.

The Bahrain Test Running Already Indicating The Championship Win For Red Bull

Speaking of Red Bull’s internal history, Max Verstappen stood ahead of Mark Webber in order to have the longest tenure with the Austrian racing team. Sebastian Vettel, who is responsible for generating Red Bull’s winning era during the beginning of the last decade, has won 38 races with Red Bull, while Verstappen has won 35, just three more, and he overtakes Vettel in this manner.

Max Verstappen

Besides, have you seen how Max Verstappen remained the fastest driver to finish the laps in the Bahrain International F1 Pre-season test sessions? It simply indicates that this year is once again going to be extraordinary for the Dutch driver. The rest will get a clarification on Sunday. Till then, stick to us and know everything going on in Formula One.