The Major Formula One Rules Fans Demand To Be Changed ASAP! Regulations That Affecting The End Result

There are some rules in Formula One that needs to be changed or modified. The motorsport may seem to be so perfect, but as they say, nothing is 100% perfect; there is always space for getting better, and so is Formula One. Despite everything going on smoothly year after year, there are things that need to be corrected in motorsport. Several incidents of the 2022 season have ignited the demand for a change in the regulations. Taking the first example with Sergio Perez\’s crash in Monaco. The way he crashed was not intentional, but it stopped the rest of the drivers from attaining a good position in the qualifying. What if someone intentionally crashes?

Sergio Perez faced many criticisms for his crash which seemed intentional to half of F1 fans. This crash in Q3 eventually paved the way for his first win of the season. Even though Checo claimed he did nothing as a plan, the crash was a naturally occurring event. It had a bad outcome that put all the drivers at a disadvantage. Several drivers may try to crash a little in order to end the race prematurely. So why are there any such regulations that allow these kinds of tactics? Not only the yellow/red flag thing but there are also many other rules that can be looked after in order to make Formula One fairer.


The Penalty Point System Of Formula One That Bans The Sweet/Innocent Drivers Like Pierre Gasly

First of all, the one rule of Formula One that needs an eye is the penalty point system. If a driver commits an intentional crash or mistake while racing, they are slapped with a point penalty. Now there is a rule that suggests a license ban on the driver if he gets more than 12 points in 12 months. At this time, Pierre Gasly is just 2 points away from getting banned from Formula One.

What if Gasly makes a mistake initially in 2023, which comes under the 12 months period? Will he be suspended? Gasly has, of course, not been that irritating. He just exceeded track limits and left a large gap between him and his predecessor\’s safety car. He doesn\’t deserve a suspension for this. Mercedes driver George Russell and Red Bull\’s driver Sergio Perez agree to the fact that Pierre did nothing to get a BAN from Formula One! Both the drivers suggested a rule change in this matter.


Penalty For Engine Change

It is a rule that a Formula One team can only use three engines in a season. Bringing the fourth one would lead to penalty points. Not only the point penalty but also a start from the last grid will be given to the driver. And once you bring the fourth engine, the fifth, sixth, or seventh has only a small penalty. What if a team brings four engines and then keeps on bringing the fifth, sixth, and seventh in order to perform better, which sidelines the small penalty? This rule is also on the list of the ones that need a recheck.


Scoring In Shortened Races

Looking deep into the race that made Max Verstappen a second-time world champion, you can find a little confusion that says, Had Max won in Suzuka or not? The 2022 Formula One Japanese Grand Prix was shortened because of rain. The track became so messy and filled with sprays that it made all the drivers kind of blind.

In the end, the race was stopped, and Max was in the first position, so he got the win. But some of the drivers and fans find this unfair. A shortened race cannot decide who the winner is. What if a driver like Lewis Hamilton from the 14th grid comes flying to the first within the closing laps? It has happened many times.


On the other hand, rain tyres are considered to be unnecessary. It takes a whole new start when the rain comes down, but the drivers soon change into intermediates. There is probably no need for any typical rain tyres at all in Formula One.

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