Mercedes Provides Rare Insight On How Drinks System & Pedals Works In Their F1 Car [CHECK OUT]

Looks like F1 teams and their members have started uniting once again to get back in this year\’s game. The racing teams are already scheduled to launch their single-seaters and test them all the way. The F1 drivers are also back in their team\’s contact to check their hands on brand new Formula One car and adapt them to race in them. Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell recently revved through the new W14 cars.

Generally, fans remain curious about certain F1 mechanics that go through in the racing car. How the driver fitting takes place? How do pedals work? When and how do the drivers hydrate themselves while fully throttling their F1 cars to reach the chequered flag? All these questions of fans somehow remain unanswered. But recently, the Mercedes team came out to provide a unique demonstration of how the pedals and drinks systems work in a Formula 1 car.

Fluid System: Mercedes Explain How The Mechanism Work?


Fun Fact: Formula One driver lose several kilos while racing in the F1 races. That is why they compulsory get weighed just before and after the race. This sudden weight loss happens because of many reasons. And one of them is dehydration. That is also why f1 drivers, just after the race, drastically hydrate themselves. You will see almost all the drivers holding their sippers. However, in hot climate races like Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and more, the high temperate also works as an additional factor to dehydrate the drivers. And that is why all the F1 drivers are fitted with a drinking mechanism in their F1 cars.

Don\’t imagine! They are not that blessed to get a refrigerator or even a drinks bottle inside the car. The fluids are kept in a kind of essential bag, with a tube linking the bag to the driver’s mouth. Moreover, they are not temperature regulated. So, the drivers have to drink a normal-temperature liquid just to keep them running until the end of the race.

In a video released by Mercedes, simulation and development driver Anthony Davidson revealed that they also worked on several different ideas for the drinks system.

\”In years gone by, we’ve gone for more technical systems which involved having a pump. But there are downsides to that where you’ve got additional weight – we have had in the past, the drink pump fails, and it just keeps pumping and pumping.”

That is why the drivers are fitted with a one-way valve system with a filter to stop the dust from getting through. The valve helps drain the liquid back into the sack once the driver is done with the liquid.

The Silver Arrows Engineer Also Reveals How Pedals Works

Meanwhile, regarding Pedals, a mechanical engineer at Mercedes discussed something that was not expected. As George Gover revealed, each driver likes the positioning and feel of the pedals are entirely unique to every single driver. Although the basics, the accelerator on the right and brake to the left remain the same.


\”We have many different options for this so that we can go as far forwards and backward as all our drivers,\” said the engineer. He also discussed how some drivers want their feet quite in line with each other some drivers wish them to offset from each other.

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