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If you’re looking to buy Stanley Cup tickets this year to watch the New York Rangers battle the Los Angeles Kings then you had better be prepared to spend a good deal of cash. Since the two participating teams are in the two largest sports markets in the country, the rise in ticket prices can’t be too surprising.

On Monday, both teams put a limited number of tickets to their two home games up for sale with the Rangers tickets ranging from $480 to $2,490 and the Kings tickets from $349 to $629.


For those who were unlucky or unfortunate at purchasing tickets directly from the teams, they immediately turned to ticket resellers such as or At 7:00 EST on Monday evening, tickets on StubHub for Game 1 in Los Angeles started at $370 and there were almost 3200 seats for sale. For Game 2, tickets were more expensive starting at $517 with over 2700 seats remaining.

For Games 3 and 4 in New York, the prices on StubHub are as follows: For Game 3, prices start at $999 with 2900 remaining. Game 4 has prices starting at $1103.40 with over 2700 tickets remaining.

If you’re confident that the series will reach Game 7, you can buy tickets starting at $999.99 with over 1600 seats remaining.

“It seems like everyone is a Rangers fan now,” said Jason Berger, a partner in which happens to be one of New York City’s biggest ticket brokers. “The get-in price for the first two games is now higher than the get-in price to the Super Bowl this year.”

So if you absolutely must attend the NHL finals this season, what is your best bet for purchasing Stanley Cup tickets? Your best bet would be to check ticket aggregator sites such as or

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