WWE released Kurt Angle back in April 2020, and ever since then, he was a free agent. However, the WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist haven\’t appeared anywhere after his release. It wasn\’t like he didn\’t receive any offers as he got several of them. Kurt Angle confirmed this news himself during his conversation with Wrestling Inc. These offers range from being an active member on the roster of the promotion to simply become a manager or an onscreen character.

Kurt Angle On Offers Made By AEW

During an episode of The Wrestling Inc Daily, Kurt Angle revealed that AEW had offered him several different contracts. He had to turn down those offers due to personal reasons, but still, Tony Khan was really nice to him. He really appreciated Tony\’s interest in having him there. However, at this time, due to some reasons, he just can\’t do it.


The former WWE champion also added that in the very first offer they made, they wanted him to wrestle several matches. The second one was for three matches only, and the third one didn\’t include any wrestling matches it was only about being an on-camera personality. Kurt Angle also revealed that the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O\’Neal tried to convince him to join AEW. However, he had to turn him down as well.

Kurt Angle\’s Outside Endeavors

At present, Kurt Angle\’s focus is on his outside endeavors that include his past titled The Kurt Angle Show. He is also preparing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of winning a gold medal through a partnership with Garrixon. Not only that, but he will soon launch his own signature sneakers as well.

Triple H\’s Attempt To Hire Kurt

AEW wasn\’t the only promotion that tried to get Kurt Angle. During an episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that Triple H made contact with him as well, and he wanted Kurt to work as a trainer in the WWE Performance Center. He said he received an offer from Hunter to train wrestlers. Triple H wanted him to appear once a month to NXT. Nothing happened then, but he teased that maybe he will join the Performance Center as a trainer in the near future. According to Angle, he is good at teaching, and he loves to train people, so there is always a possibility.

Recently, Kurt Angle launched his very first minted NFT that included a social media shoutout, a zoom meet and greet, and a personal video message from Kurt Angle. The NFT released by LuchaCoin received a great response and was a great success.

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