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Anyone on this planet dares not to criticize a legend with billions of fans. Or if they do so, they need to come up with something to cover it up. This is exactly what recently happened in the formula one world. Unfortunately, a sky sports reporter named Naomi Schiff was found criticizing Formula One’s present legend, the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, that too for his AGE. She did not realize that she was putting herself under criticism for doing so. Just after Naomi made comments on the 38-year-old driver and his winning prospects, fans were triggered.

Thousands of fans emerged to reply to her on behalf of Lewis Hamilton via social media. Fans brought stuff that Hamilton has done for Schiff. He always supported and had her back when the time was hard for her in Formula One. Naomi somehow created a controversy in which all the hates were on her shoulder. To know what happened exactly, what did she say, and how fans reacted to her statements, you can read this article.

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Lewis Hamilton Naomi Schiff

Naomi Schiff Regards Herself Very Lucky To Have Lewis Hamilton On Her Side

Meanwhile, in the recent development of the matter, Naomi Schiff comes out to save herself from the criticism. She tries to cover things up by bringing up the past good moments of her with Hamilton. As mentioned by GiveMeSport, Naomi finds herself very lucky to have Lewis Hamilton as an ally while she goes through the journey of Formula Oen media. She regards this as incredibly valuable. Not only this, but Naomi also claimed, “Hamilton is not just an incredible athlete, but he is also an incredible human.”

In addition, the Sky Sports presenter finds the Briton to be a very good person who gives better advice. He always supports people who need it. And the most interesting thing to know about her saying so is that all of this is coming just after she faces huge backlash from fans for her inappropriate comment about Hamilton [who always supported her].

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Naomi Schiff (Sky Sports)

Speaking of the incident, particularly where Hamilton was seen supporting Naomi, fans need to go a year back. In 2022, the 28-year-old media personality had to face abusive comments on social media. At the time, no one but Lewis Hamilton emerged to defend her.

Hamilton made everyone realize the fact that Naomi is an ex-professional racing driver. And she is totally qualified to give her opinion as a part of Sky Sports Media. He claimed her as a great asset since when she joined. Last year the seven-time world champions said, “we should welcome more broadcasting presenters with open arms.” As the Mercedes driver pointed out, these are the attitudes that need to get changed as soon as possible in the sport.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

At one end, Naomi comes to say Hamilton’s age may create a problem in clinching his eighth world title. On the other end, she claims it is important for all of us to have a male ally like him on top.