Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Schiff

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Sky Sports Reporter Getting Criticised For Making “Ageist” Comment About Lewis Hamilton!

Lewis Hamilton turned 38 this January and is all set to spend the last year of his current contract with Mercedes. When fans were in shock to hear that 2023 is the last year of Hamilton in Formula One as his contract with Mercedes ends by the end of the season, Hamilton, along with boss Toto Wolff, came out to assure fans of an extended deal for the seven-time world champion. Some of the media organizations reported that Hamilton will likely stay for two more years. And some said he might agree to drive in his forties like Fernando Alonso. Several rival drivers and millions of fans remained supportive of Hamilton’s stay beyond 2023. On the other hand, the Mercedes champ have the criticizers too.

For the dull performance of Lewis Hamilton since 2022, he was already under huge criticism. And now that a year passed and Hamilton aged, he is receiving negative comments for it too. Like the thousands of frustrated fans who turned against Hamilton following the constant disappointment, one of the sky sports reporters named Naomi Schiff came out to involve Hamilton’s age in it. According to her, Hamilton is getting old and his 38 years of age might be the reason why he has to put more effort into Mercedes in terms of making a championship-winning machine.

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Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Schiff (Twitter)

“Such A Ridiculous Comment Made By Naomi, WHO?” Said A Lewis Hamilton’s Fan

Lewis Hamilton is not yet finished, fans are aware of that. They also know the fact that Hamilton is not going anywhere before the championship that was taken from him. He is not retiring until the masterpiece gets finished. He is now the second oldest driver of Formula One; the first remains the Spaniard. Apparently, both have no plans for retiring anytime soon. And after what happened in 2023 with team Aston Martin, how Fernando Alonso got back to the podiums proves that his decision to stay beyond forty was not wrong.

Amidst this, the comment made by Naomi Schiff got fans’ attention, who left no chance to criticize her. One of Formula One’s fan pages tweeted, “According to Naomi Schiff, the age of Lewis Hamilton will make him accept Mercedes current crisis quite difficult as she believes he does not have enough time left to win the F1 eighth world championship.” Replying to this tweet, Hamilton’s fans emerged to defend their champ.

One of the fans claimed that the time is running for her to have any kind of career. If Alonso can be competitive after so long with a strong car, then why can’t Hamilton be the same? Of course, Hamilton will do great when Mercedes provides him with a title-winning car. And so, why should he not be in F1 for a good few more years? “Such a Rediculous comment from Naomi who”? he said.

Other fans, too, lined up to point out the same Fernando fact. Everybody is now excited about what Alonso can do for how he fights for the championship this year. But when it comes to Lewis Hamilton, you gotta a problem with his age? said another fan.