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The Los Angeles Lakers finally broke their two-game losing streak against a strong opponent in New York. There is no doubt that the New York Knicks are a strong team, but they could not stand LA\’s reign. All the players, including LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, did a great job. Hollywood has been going through a frustrating time where they are being called out for all the wrong reasons. In addition to the terrible injuries which continue to ruin the Lakers\’ season, there are the bad calls from referees. LA has been the victim of bad faith on many occasions this season.

Although New York had a night to forget, the Lakers trio superstar had a rocking night. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook were at their best together for their team. It seems the misfit Russ is finally advancing to become a better fit in the Purple and Gold. Meanwhile, Skip Bayless, an FS1 analyst, begs to differ from what everyone agrees. There was a controversial moment in the game in overtime which led to conflicts in opinion. And Skip Bayless being himself, disagrees to the point and finds a reason to criticize LeBron James.

LeBron James

Skip Bayless Finds Reason To Blame LeBron James

An analyst who has established himself as the number one critic of one of the greatest players in the NBA always has something fishy to say. In the game against the Knicks and the Lakers, a moment of controversy decided the game. The game went to OT, where Rui Hachimura made a conflicting block. At first, looking from the naked eye, the Refs believed it was foul to the Knicks. However, after seeing the review, the officials decided to tilt towards LA. The moment ultimately helped Hollywood to win their first game after all the troubles in the last two games.

Knicks got hosed on that goal-tend reversal. NBA felt it owed LeBron one after what happened in Boston last Saturday night.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) February 1, 2023

Even when the Lakers managed to win the game, Bayless found things to put on LeBron James\’ tab. Apart from criticizing his lower-than-usual scoring, the analyst tweeted saying NBA owed LeBron. The former ESPN employee is talking about the incident that took place in the game against the Boston Celtics. A similar decision went against LA, which caused them to the whole game and the chance at revenge. Skip believes that it was the NBA giving James his reconciliation of the incident that happened in Boston. Although it is a made-up thing from the clout-catching analyst, it did make the four-time champ angry.

LeBron James

LeBron James did not perform his standard high scoring as he had Russell and Davis alongside him. But Bayless found a way to criticize, saying it was an underwhelming performance from the 18-time All-star. \”I really thought LeBron would have more of a show-stopping game tonight in this season\’s lone visit to the Mecca of Basketball,\” Bayless tweeted. He also took all the credit from James and Davis and gave it to the point guards. All in all, Bayless would use anything against the Akron Hammer to attract views to his opinions.

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