Sir Lewis Hamilton Receives Grand Support From The House Of Lords Against FIA’s Decision To Suppress His Voice

FIA Mohammed ben Sulayem

The seven-time champ, Lewis Hamilton has always come forward to fight against racism. One person who resented Hamilton in this fight was the FIA President. The President of the governing body of F1 Motorsport introduced a new rule. This rule is made to curb the enthusiasm and protests against any social injustice like racism, hate crimes, etc. What the President of FIA urged to do was, in his words, keep the racing track clean and out of any political vibe.

The law that created such controversies was that the permission of FIA is mandatory. Meanwhile, if there is any emergency of protesting on the race track. For any trouble, FIA approval is a must. Drivers are not allowed to show any kind of sign or gesture related to socio-political issues or mark a protest against or supporting any political ideologies. Drivers must use the race track only for entertainment, i.e., racing. This particular law obviously did not sit well with many, especially Sir Lewis Hamilton. In the midst of this cold war between the most popular driver of the sport and the President of the governing body, there has been a new update.

The House Of Lords Spoke Out In Support Of The Great Briton

Lewis Hamilton at Suzuka
Hamilton in Japan

The House of Lords speaks out against the President of FIA regarding his battle against Lewis Hamilton. Almost a year ago, one of the 90 lawmakers, Paul Scriven, wrote a letter addressed to The President of FIA regarding human rights. But Mr. Sulayem never replied back. Now Mr. Scriven wrote another letter addressed to the President of FIA.

Expressing his and the whole House’s grievances about not getting a reply from Ben Sulayem. A Liberal Democrat, Paul Scriven, mentioned, “You did not show us any professional courtesy as you did not bother to write us a reply. What makes you think you can avoid parliamentarians? Are tensions regarding FIA policies and Human Rights implications not significant to you? From the FIA, we expect transparency.”

Mr. Scriven tried to remind him about the letter he wrote in March 2022 but got no response. Firstly, Paul Scriven mentioned about the policy of the FIA. He said that drivers not having a right to make political statements on any global issue is wrong. Meanwhile it is evident that Sir Lewis Hamilton is the primary reason for making this law. Targeting one of the most outspoken drivers in F1 is not an ideal thing to do. Instead, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. 

What Does Hamilton Think About This Rule?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

In one of his recent interviews, Sir Lewis Hamilton expressed his grief at the introduction of this law. He mentioned, “it is sad to see even today such obstacles can appear. Especially when you try to do the right thing. Hopefully, it will change.” Furthermore, he added that if such a law against free speech sustains, then “racism will continue. But there will be no change. Nobody will bring this issue up in their conversation, and it will hamper the process of bringing everybody together.”     

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