The Los Angeles Lakers won the next game against the San Antonio Spurs after a humiliating defeat from their neighbors. As the records would suggest, LA has fallen to ten straight losses against the Los Angeles Clippers. However, it was a loss that came with an exceptional and out-of-worldly LeBron James performance. The 38-year-old scored an ambitious 46 points on the night. Sadly no one else reciprocated the same level of effort on the night. Russell Westbrook did his usual, but overall it was a lackluster performance from the Lakers side of Los Angeles.

It has been a hectic month for the Lakers, especially LeBron James, who shoulders all the team’s weight after Anthony Davis. Fortunately, the 29-year-old finally returned to the court after one month, missing almost 19 games in the recovery process. However, in his absence, King James was working double shifts to keep the Lakers floating as their playoff chances were slim. But even after all the efforts from the big man LA still sit in the bottom half of the Western Conference table. Meanwhile, the Clippers forward Paul George had some good things to say about James after the derby game.


LeBron James Receives Appreciation From Rivals

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It is an undeniable truth witnessed by everyone who follows the NBA that LeBron James has dominated the league for 20 years. And Paul George states the same fact in the interview. The Clippers forward has faced the four-time champ from time to time in the playoffs. So Paul knows what he is talking about when he talks about one of the greatest in the game. The fact that king James has dominated the scene for twenty straight years is incredible for Paul. The forward says, “I think the one thing that sticks out is just how long he’s been doing it.”

Another Clipper forward, Kawhi, has similar thoughts about LeBron James. “I didn’t think of it too much until he’s gotten closer and closer,” said Kawhi. The forward says that everyone has witnessed how his career has turned out to be in the last ten years. And he is an inspiration for everyone in how he sustained all 20 seasons and still has more effort. The two forwards have pulled wins over LeBron’s team in previous meetings. Even then, George and Leonard have only nice things to say about the 38-year-old NBA gem.

LeBron James & Paul George
LeBron James & Paul George

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant also testaments the fact that LeBron James is one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. KD busted LBJ’s trash talk about being a pass-first player in his recent interviews. Durant says if one scores 50 points in a game and averages 27 points in a season, he is a scorer in his mind. According to Kevin, LeBron sets the bar for higher and higher athletes. King James will go down as historical in the history book in all greatness once he breaks the Kareem Abdul Jabbar record.

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