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Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Sergio Perez is clearly not happy at Red Bull as the teammate of the current double-time champion. It is understandable that Max Verstappen can make life for any teammate very difficult because he is just too good. Ever since he joined Red Bull from Toro Rosso, the sister team, he has been a dominant force in the team. Daniel Ricciardo was his first Red Bull teammate who expressed tensions since Max’s arrival at Red Bull. Later, the Aussie moved to Renault to be their main driver. Moreover, things were not easy for Pierre Gasly when he joined Red Bull either.

Later, even Gasly left the Austrian team because he could not beat Max Verstappen in the same car. On the other hand, Checo won a couple of races in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Baku, Azerbaijan. However, from the Miami Grand Prix, there has been a significant downfall of Checo’s consistency. Later, he expressed to the media that he was under a lot of pressure because of his teammate’s eight-race winning streak. Despite that, Sergio Perez was able to get a couple of podiums recently.


Sergio Perez Reveals The Pressure He Is Under Because Of The Greatness Of The ‘Mad Max’

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: CNN

Recently, in an interview with Viaplay, Sergio Perez again brought up the topic that ‘Mad Max’ makes things difficult for him. But Checo said it won’t be right to take anything away from his teammate as he works really hard. However, Sergio Perez believes Max is far superior to other drivers on the grid at present. Moreover, Checo claims his teammate always focuses on delivering results, and that’s what he has been doing in the last eight races. However, Sergio Perez believes it is also great to have Max as his teammate because of his greatness.

The Dutchman always pushes his teammate to his limit and also gets him under pressure. Moreover, Sergio Perez mentioned it is fantastic to have someone around who knows how to get the most out of the car. In fact, Verstappen knows how to get 100% out, as per Checo. Hence, the Mexican got to learn a lot from the current double-time champion. He also believes that it has been a great season so far. Indeed, it has been for Red Bull, as they have won all races so far up till the summer break. 

Checo Must Deal With The Situation As Verstappen Is The Main Driver In Red Bull

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2PWER84 VERSTAPPEN Max (ned), Red Bull Racing RB19, portrait PEREZ Sergio – Photo Xavi Bonilla/DPPI Credit: DPPI Media/Alamy Live News

As the Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko mentioned earlier, no driver can beat the Dutchman in the same car, not even Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso. That’s how much faith the Red Bull management shows to Verstappen. On the other hand, Sergio Perez, the new teammate of the Dutchman, finds it too easy to understand who’s the main driver in the team.

Moreover, Red Bull has a habit of letting a driver go if they are not able to get as close to Max Verstappen as possible. This habit creates even more pressure on the Mexicans. After losing his consistency this year, Checo had to face a lot of negative criticism from the media and fans. It is because he started the season pretty well. He won two of the first four races this season. But later faded away, giving his teammate full control of the situation.