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Explained: What Is “Fire Cashman Night?” Why Is Public Outraged With Yankees GM?

The New York Yankees hit a new low on Tuesday after losing the series opener vs. lowly Nationals in a last-minute thriller finish. Carlos Rodon returned from IL and made an excellent start by allowing just one run in over six innings. However, Rodon’s salient efforts were washed up by reliever Tommy Kahnle as he allowed the tie-breaking run in the eight.

With that, the Yankees recorded its night straight loss for the first time since 1982. Naturally, the agitation amongst the loyal Yankee fanbase is as high as ever. Amid growing resentment, the right field bleachers, known as the Yankee loyalists, have planned a unique event to express their outrage towards the club’s general manager, Brian Cashman.


Livid Yankee Fan Organises “Fire Cashman Night” To Protest Against GM

Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The loyal fan base of the New York Yankees is currently witnessing the team’s worst season in the last three decades. As a result, the supporters are outraged and want the club’s ownership to take responsibility. The fans demand immediate action against those responsible for the downfall, including general manager Brian Cashman. His dubious roster decisions over the past few seasons have not worked well for the team. Moreover, under the GM’s tenure, the team has been unable to clinch a World Series ring. Hence, to instill a sense of urgency into the minds of the club’s owners, the fans have taken matters into their own hands.

Jon Borowski, a disappointed fan, has organized “Fire Cashman Night” on Sept. 22. The Yankees are hosting Arizona Diamondbacks at the Bronx on the day. Jon, through his social media account, has urged the fans to gather at the right-field bleachers’ section of the stadium while carrying Fire Cashman signs, shirts, and paper bags. Borowski wants the fans’ voices heard. Jon further talked to the New York Post and said that hosting such an event has been at the back of his mind for some time. He says he holds nothing personal against Brian Cashman. But, he needs to go for the betterment of the franchise. The leadership has to undergo a change before things get worse. The GM’s old philosophies are not working at all. They need fresh minds to tackle the evolving nature of modern-day baseball.

Yankees Managerial Duo Needs To Make An Exit Soon

Aaron Boone (l) and Brian Cashman Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

This season will go as one of the worst in the New York Yankees franchise’s history. A lot of factors played into the collapse, including bad roster moves, injuries, and inconsistency. Hence, there has to be some accountability at the end of the season. For starters, Hal Steinbrenner could consider sacking general manager Brian Cashman along with skipper Aaron Boone. The duo has done too little to help the team since joining the office.

The world of Major League Baseball is constantly evolving. Moreover, it seems Brian Cashman’s age-old philosophy has worked against the team. A change here is inevitable in order to preserve the pride of a storied franchise like the New York Yankees. Overall, pressure is mounting on the ownership to take some actions. Will Steinbrenner succumb to it?