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Yankees Disallowed To Use PitchCom Device Vs. Red Sox! Skipper Aaron Boone Questions The “Timing”

After a horrible road trip, the New York Yankees returned back home and hosted arch-rivals Boston Red Sox. The opener of the three-game series took place on Friday, and the hosts got badly trashed at home. Owing to lackluster pitching, the Yanks recorded an 8-3 loss which further pushed them down in the East division.

Having said that, the Yankees manager Aaron Boone cried foul as they weren’t allowed to use PitchCom devices during the game. PithCom devices are used by pitchers to communicate their choice of pitches with the catcher. The technology came into effect in 2022 and has been helpful. However, this time, it apparently worked against the Bronx Bombers.


Yankees Aaron Boone Cries Foul After Facing 8-3 Loss To Red Sox

Aaron Boone
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In the wake of Houston Astro’s infamous sign-stealing scandal, MLB brought in new measures to eliminate the margin of cheating. PitchCom devices were introduced in 2022 to limit the chances of sign stealing and also to pace up the proceedings of the game. It consists of a receiver which the catcher uses to receive the signal from the pitcher. Meanwhile, the pitcher has the devices tucked up on the belt. It has various buttons through which the pitcher can send signals to the catcher. However, at the end of the day, its technology which is highly prone to glitches. On Friday, Boston Red Sox’s PitchCom device glitched as they were not able to use it throughout the game.

Further, to restrict the New York Yankees from gaining an unfair advantage, umpires asked the manager Aaron Boone to hand over their PitchCom devices. However, the skipper didn’t take it well and instead questioned the timing of the decision. He alleged that they were informed not to use the devices only a few moments before the game commenced. It put the Yanks in a spot that eventually led to their collapse on the mound. Jhony Brito, the Bombers starter, leaked six runs in mere 2.1 innings pitched. Having said that, the absence of the PitchCom device was not the only reason behind the Yanks’ horrific outing vs. Red Sox. Brito looked out of his element during his short stay on the mound. Moreover, the hitters also failed to make up for the mess, as they ended up being trashed at home.

Aaron Boone In Hot Water Amid Yanks’ Unimaginable Downfall

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As the New York Yankees fell below .500 following to series loss vs. Braves, the rumor mill remains filled with speculations over Aaron Boone’s future. The skipper is apparently on the hot seat to get fired at the end of the year. John Heyman, a senior journalist for the New York Post, also confirmed the same. However, Jon does not believe Boone is the main culprit here.

As per Joh Heyman, it is general manager Brian Cashman who deserves all the blame for the Yankees’ downfall this season. He is the one in charge of decision-making in the front office. Hence, if given a choice to fire someone at the end of the season, Cashman should be the obvious choice for owner Hal Steinbrenner.