Schumacher Says Lewis Hamilton Is The Big Loser Of The Season!

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes have struggled to fight at the front during the 2022 championship after being the constructors\’ champions for eight straight seasons. The German racing team has failed to get their W13 right, which has been built on ground effect as per the FIA\’s newest regulations. As a result, the Silver Arrows have not succeeded in winning a single race this season. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton has struggled more than his rookie teammate George Russell, who has finished in the top 5 during each race. Hamilton has struggled to fight the frontrunners Red Bull and Ferrari due to the W13\’s porpoising issue and the lack of performance. However, the racing champ hopes that things will turn around and they will be able to fight at the front.

F1 will move to Montreal this weekend for the Canadian Grand Prix. With the drivers and teams having very little time to regroup and move to a different part of the world, there have been reports about Hamilton being unwell to race in Montreal. The Briton suffered a great deal of back pain during the bumpy race in Baku due to the W13\’s porpoising


However, Lewis has confirmed that he will be back this weekend to drive for Mercedes. The former world champ revealed that he went through acupuncture and physiotherapy. Lewis claimed to be on his way to his team to keep fighting and improving. The Briton assured that he would be present this weekend and would not miss it for the world. The statement came after team principal Toto Wolff shared that Hamiton was doubtful due to the back pain caused by the W13\’s porpoising. Hamilton was seen coming out of his car in pain after the race. However, his back pain would not be the only problem that Lewis will have to deal with. 

Ralf Schumacher Labels Hmilton As A Big Loser

F1 pundits have raised concerns about the Briton\’s form as George Russell has performed much better than him so far. Thus, Ralf Schumacher labeled Hamilton as a big loser of the season so far. The seven-time world champ has found himself in an unfamiliar situation after winning with the team for a long time. Ralf stated that Russell was new to the team in the beginning and was usually ahead of Hamilton. Schumacher also pointed out that the younger Briton was also impressive during qualifying. 

Russell & Hamilton

The former German racer said that the greatest racer of all time, as remarked by Toto Wolff, has been ironed out by a newcomer in a way that is worrying for Mercedes. He added, \”I am amazed because there are only two options. Either is Russell the new high-flyer or Hamilton has such a strong car in recent years that made up for a lot.\”

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