During this year’s trade window, LA Lakers acquired the talented point guard Patrick Beverly for the upcoming season. However, since then, there have been some questions about the place of Lakers’ current point guard Russell Westbrook on the side. There has been a fair share of rumors that he might be traded to some other team. Meanwhile, these rumors have got some substance, as Russell Westbrook has claimed that he is open to the idea of moving away from the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook Is ‘Very Open’ Towards Lakers Trading Him!

All indications are pointing that the relationship between Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers has been strained and unpleasant for some time. Although they have made many attempts to move Russell, the team has openly shown its support for him. And even feted him, especially the new head coach Darvin Ham.

Regardless, it appears that Westbrook is aware of the situation. In a recent report, it was claimed that Westbrook is now ‘open’ to being moved. Maybe he’s reached the point where it doesn’t matter now that he’s chosen to enter the last year of his contract. His days playing for the Lakers appear to be numbered, at least from the outside looking in. As per the American sports writer Ramona Shelburne, the possibility of Westbrook’s trade is open. She stated, “He hasn’t asked for a trade. But he’s open to that, and somebody who wants him and wants to empower him and wants him to be Russell Westbrook of old.”

There are two problems with trading Russell Westbrook. The last year of his Lakers contract, which was worth $47 million when Westbrook opted in this summer. However, he is currently playing some of the worst basketball of his career. The point guard had his lowest year-end stats since 2009 and didn’t appear to get along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ star tandem.

The Lakers’ trade options are soon running out. And there is a growing perception that they may decide to keep Westbrook and just hope for the best. While waiting, they may try to transfer him closer to the midseason trade deadline when a stronger offer might come up. The Lakers finished with a 33-49 record, missing the playoffs. LeBron and Anthony Davis battled injuries, and Russ had a dismal season. While a change of scenery might benefit both Westbrook and the Lakers. The expense of trying to relocate him is too expensive.

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