With a safety car in place, Max Verstappen once again won the Italian Grand Prix. And apparently, some same safety car scenario happened this weekend as that of the 2021 championship finale at the Abu Dhabi. However, Toto Wolff was particularly happy with the way the regulations were applied. He applauded the execution of the rules at the Italian Grand Prix. However, Wolff also fired a shot at Michael Masi, the former FIA race director. The 2022 season’s 11th victory went to Max Verstappen after he overcame a five-place grid penalty.

Toto Wolff Backs FIA For Tackling The Safety Car Situation!

After Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc made a second pit stop to switch to a set of soft tires, the defending world champion had taken the lead in the race. And as usual, Max Verstappen managed to maintain the lead till the checkered flag using a one-stop strategy and medium tires.

The Italian Grand Prix concluded in dismay and behind a safety car. But Mercedes head Toto Wolff noted that the FIA had learned from past mistakes. Meanwhile, Ferrari railed that it was unjust. While speaking about the contentious conclusion of the 2021 championship final in Abu Dhabi, Wolff expressed his satisfaction with the outcome. Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton on the last lap after Masi first chose to forbid vehicles from overtaking one another. But the decision was later reversed and allowed just cars between the championship contenders to pass.

Some believed the FIA could have acted more quickly to restart the race. But Toto Wolff thinks the right decision was taken in this case. Michael Masi resigned from the position prior to the 2022 season. But the discussion has returned with the outcome at Monza. There are conflicting opinions on the event online. Although Wolff emphasized he is pleased to see Neils Wittich, the race director this weekend, behave legally and properly.

Toto Wolff stated, “I’m really satisfied to see that there is a Race Director and colleagues that apply the regulations against the pressure of the media. And the fans’ pressure and everybody to just be in breach of the regulations”. He went on to say that he would be open to the race being stopped for even a few laps before restarting. The Austrian, however, wants it to be included in the regulations. 

On the other hand, Max Verstappen has now increased his lead over Leclerc in the drivers’ standings by a few more points following the race. Now with a phenomenal five races left, the Red Bull driver has a chance of winning the world championship again.

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