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This weekend\’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza was once again full of actions and surprises. Although, one thing that was not surprising at all was Red Bull\’s lead driver Max Verstappen acquiring the top position. Initially, at FP1 & FP2, Red Bull was facing a little slow pace due to the track design of Monza. As a result, Max Verstappen secured P4 at the qualifying of the Italian Grand Prix.

On top of that, he faced another penalty back to back after the Dutch GP along with eight other drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Valtteri Bottas, and many more. However, he swung through from the back of the grid and clinched the top position at the Temple Of Speed. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton might be having 99 problems. But pulling off a stunning overtake ain\’t one. Apparently, Max Verstappen and George Russell were both awestruck by Lewis Hamilton\’s impressive double overtaking during the current Monza race at the Italian GP.


Max Verstappen React To Hamilton\’s Double Overtake!

At Monza, it wasn\’t meant for Lewis Hamilton to achieve success. He received a significant penalty for using new engine parts. It caused him to start the race in 19th place and effectively excluded him from contention. At the beginning of the race, when he was stuck in traffic going around the first chicane, his plans suffered yet another setback. Hamilton was compelled into the run-off area and returned to the track in last place after taking minor damage. Even in the early going, he made little progress. By lap seven, Lewis was still stuck in 18th place and appeared to be finding it difficult to move up through the pack as quickly as he would have liked. 


Nevertheless, he soon gained momentum. And by lap 17, he was in contention for a position in the top three. His major accomplishment came on lap 36 when, in a single maneuver, he passed Pierre Gasly and Lando Norris to take seventh place. Following the race, the top three athletes were waiting to take their places on the podium when they saw that specific action on TV in the cool-down area. And Max Verstappen called out \”double overtake\” as he made the observation.

Lewis Hamilton told that it was a terrific race and that he hadn\’t anticipated it in his post-race interview. It seemed like a reach to him when his teammates predicted that he could finish anywhere between sixth and fourth. But he enjoyed himself. He also added, \”It was tricky in the beginning, with the car heavy. And behind everyone, trying to ignore a collision at the first corner and ended up getting stuck behind an AlphaTauri once again.\”

Hamilton Believes He Could Have Finished Second In The Dutch GP!


Lewis Hamilton believes that he might have been second at the Dutch Grand Prix. Given the fact that he had made the same pit stop for soft tires that Max Verstappen and  Russell did during the safety car period. The late-race safety car period forced Mercedes to take a risk, with Hamilton sticking out on medium tires. Meanwhile, his teammate George Russell pitted for soft tires, which completely changed the course of the Dutch Grand Prix.

Verstappen might have tackled Lewis Hamilton due to this maneuver. The British driver was an easy target for other drivers and Max Verstappen at the restart. This tactic cost Hamilton a lot of money because he would ultimately finish the race in fourth place. Max Verstappen had an easier time passing Lewis Hamilton on the restart since the Mercedes driver had been using the incorrect power mode.

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