In motorsport, the goal is to push both you and your vehicle to the maximum. As drivers push harder, engines get stronger, and cars get quicker throughout the years. As a result, Formula 1 records began to fall. The most fiercely contested and lucrative racing series worldwide is regarded as Formula One. Millions of people worldwide watch this sport, which involves some of the fastest automobiles racing on tracks. Since the first Formula 1 World Championship race was held in 1950, more than 100 teams have put vehicles for the competition. But only a few of them stay in contention for the title, and some are still pursuing it. So, here we bring for you the top three teams with the most titles in Formula One motorsport.

Ferrari- 15 Driver’s Championships

Maybe it’s not at all unexpected that Ferrari is at the top of this list. Ferrari is the most successful Formula One team in existence, and it commemorated its 1,000th race in the Tuscan Grand Prix in 2020. Through their Formula One careers, they have amassed millions of dollars and have helped their teams win several championships. No team has reached above Ferrari when it comes to winning Formula One titles. The Scuderia stands at the top position with 16 Constructor’s titles and 15 Driver’s championships.

Formula One

In 1961, Phil Hill helped the team win their first constructors’ championship. It has also achieved more 1-2 finishes, pole positions, and fastest laps in Formula 1 history than any other team. They have also won more races than any other team. Ferrari had an unstoppable decade in the 2010s, capturing seven championships and dominating the F1 globe. However, the new forces of Mercedes and Red Bull, who arrived to take charge of the ’10s, have subsequently caused the Prancing Horse to experience a bit of a dry spell. And it has been quite a while since Ferrari hasn’t touched the Championship trophy.

McLaren- 12 Driver’s Championships

Bruce McLaren, a New Zealander, formed the McLaren team in 1963, and it made its Formula One d├ębut at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix. The team has eight Constructor’s championships to its name. And with 12 Driver’s titles, McLaren is really just three titles behind Ferrari, which now holds the record for most drivers’ titles.

The outfit’s most successful period in Formula One was between 1988 and 1991, during which time the team won four straight constructors’ championships. But McLaren hasn’t won a constructors’ championship since and has only done it once since 1991. The most notable year of the period was the one in which Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost began their rivalry, which is possibly the most well-known in all of Formula One. After that, McLaren won two drivers’ championships with Lewis Hamilton in 2008 and Mika Hakkinen in 1999, while Ferrari triumphed on the teams’ side in each of those instances.

Williams- 7 Driver’s Championships

In terms of most constructor’s titles, Williams rests at the second position, second only to Ferrari. The team has won a total of nine constructor titles in Formula One. However, at the same time, Williams has also won 7 Driver’s titles. The team just made its debut appearance in Formula One as a full-fledged constructor in 1978. Nevertheless, it was only after three complete seasons that the team won its first constructors’ and drivers’ championships. 

Formula One

The Oxfordshire team from Grove didn’t compete in a race as a constructor until 1977. Within the next seventeen years, Williams won eight more championships after taking home its first in 1980. The 1990s saw a period of supremacy, with Williams winning five constructors’ championships in as many seasons with a Renault-supplied engine. Williams’ most recent run coincided with the Williams family’s ownership ending and Dorilton Capital taking control, which caused it to fall to the bottom of the grid.

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