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After several weeks, the rumors and speculations about the Lakers letting go of Russell Westbrook now seem to be wrong. The nine-time NBA All-Star is most likely to stay in \’Purple and Gold\’ for the upcoming NBA season. Even though Russell Westbrook had a poor season last year, he still has the potential to be a problem if he performs as expected. In anticipation of the forthcoming season, the team\’s top point guard is optimistic about his 22-23 performance. 

Russell Westbrook Brook Wants To Help Win The Title! 

Russell Westbrook\’s return to his hometown in 2021–2022 didn\’t go as planned. He was moved to the Lakers in order to team up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the hopes of winning another championship. However, Westbrook\’s performance slipped while James and Davis both missed a sizable amount of time due to injuries. Due to this, the Lakers had what was maybe their worst season as a team ever and failed to make the playoffs.


Recently, Russell Westbrook had a conversation with ESPN\’s Adrian Wojnarowski. During the interaction, he discussed the high expectations he has for his team in the upcoming season. Russell stated that he is ready to do whatever it takes to take his team home in the season. He also said how lethal the trio of him, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis could be. Westbrook mentioned, \”I\’m all-in on whatever it takes for this team to win. I\’m prepared for whatever comes my way.\”

Russell Westbrook further claimed that this past summer was the earliest he had ever started working out again. He recalled having many chats with Lakers coach Darvin Ham during the course of the summer. As mentioned, he has faith in Ham\’s plan to use him in a way that will help these Lakers win. Russell\’s sole aim is to guide his team to lift the title this season. And he believes do everything in his power to do this. 


After the 2021–22 season Russell Westbrook spent with the Lakers, many people have given up on him. He accepts responsibility for his failings. But thinks he is ready to disprove the skeptics this season. Nothing would please the Lakers more than if Westbrook had a strong season and helped the team return to the playoff picture.

However, there are no guarantees with Russell Westbrook starting in the playing eleven for the Lakers in the season. He won\’t be guaranteed a starting role, to remain a Laker, or to be dealt to a team that will retain him on the active roster. Even though he fully comprehends everything, he still grins on this day.

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