Russell Westbrook Discuss How To Lead Lagging Lakers? Darvin Ham Praises Point Guard For His Return


It is hard to describe the Los Lakers\’ performance this season in one word. The team started off poorly, with most of their key player struggling to perform at the beginning of the season. However, just like you\’d expect from a good team, the team in purple and gold made a strong comeback after initial setbacks. The Lakers now stand at 10-14 after winning seven out of their last ten games. Meanwhile, the troubles have started. The team\’s star player this season, Anthony Davis, has been down with flu, and their chances of making it into the playoffs are not very looking very bright. Recently, veteran point guard Russell Westbrook spoke about leading the lagging players. 

Russell Westbrook Talks About Leading The Lakers! 

Russell Westbrook\’s 2022 season in the NBA has been a tale of persistence, perseverance, and a comeback. When everyone was writing him off, the point guard refused to give up and turned the season around for himself and his team. Ever since Darvin Ham moved Westbrook to the sixth-man position, he has been making a huge impact in the games for his team. 

Russell Westbrook


However, the troubles for the Lakers just keep coming. Their most impactful player, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James, have missed the last game and are doubtful for the next. As a result, Westbrook is one of the senior team members, now leading the team. 

Coming off the bench, Russell Westbrook made an attempt to show his effort. There wasn\’t much that could have been done, though, with the club losing more than half its scoring capacity. Westbrook still finished tied for second on the squad in scoring with 16. However, the team didn\’t need his 5-of-13 shooting because it wasn\’t effective.

Meanwhile, during the post-game conversation, Russ talked about his leadership approach. According to Westbrook, all he wants to do is what he does best. He takes delight in acting like a leader regardless of who is there since he feels he possesses this quality. Each member of the team needs to understand the significance of every night\’s play and not take this opportunity to compete for granted. That is a component of leadership. Russ wants to get the point through, so he makes sure every man plays fair when he walks out on the field.

Russell Westbrook

The LA Lakers and Russell Westbrook didn\’t get off to the best of starts. Things are moving in the right direction if the veteran\’s most recent performances are any indication. The Lakers decided during the off-season of 2022–2023. They went out and employed Darvin Ham as their new head coach. Even though there were speculations in the off-season that Westbrook would be moving, Ham maintained faith in his seasoned guard. In fact, after praising Ham for his efforts with Russell Westbrook, commentator Skip Bayless continued. Bayless emphasized that Ham has \”rehabilitated\” Westbrook\’s career. 

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