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The New York Yankees desperately need to boost their roster if they wish to make a deep season run. Injuries have troubled them all season long, and its latest target is none other than the pillar of the team, Aaron Judge. He is out for an indefinite period. Hence, the Bombers are forced to look out for answers. With the trade deadline closing in, the 27-time world champions have set eyes on a few potential candidates.

Eyeing the current circumstances, the Yankees will most probably play the role of buyers in the upcoming trade market. They have no leverage as their high-end veteran players are struggling. Nevertheless, the team does have a strong farm system to offer to a good candidate who is capable of leading the team’s charge in Aaron Judge’s absence. Meanwhile, a few players from the Cardinals and Mets are linked to the team as potential trade targets.


Yankees Should Trade Shane Bieber & Amed Rosario From Cardinals

Shane Bieber, Amed Rosario

Bleacher Report recently published an article wherein Zachary D. Rymer proposed a potential trade deal for the New York Yankees. He urged the Bombers to trade former Cy Young Award winner Shane Bieber and shortstop Amed Rosario from Cleveland Cardinals in exchange for outfielders Jasson Dominguez and Spencer Jones. Shane Bieber won the CY Young Award in 2020 but hasn’t been the same ever since. This season, he has recorded a 3.69 ERA and 1.23 WHIP in 16 starts. Regardless, Shane has the experience to make a powerful trio with Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon. That being said, having a fresh arm would only benefit the team in the long run.

On the other hand, Amed Rosario’s addition would not make much sense as the shortstop position is and will stay with Anthony Volpe, possibly till the end of the season. Moreover, the Yankees already have a jammed infield. What they need now is a powerful outfielder to replace captain Aaron Judge in the field. Also, giving up top prospect Jasson Dominguez for an infielder is not a reasonable deal for Bronx Bombers. Overall, the deal suggested by Zachary is highly unlikely to go ahead as Guardians are playing with a 36-38 record and would not necessarily indulge in trades this season. As for the Yankees, they have other options to seek after.

Can This Mets Outfielder Replace Aaron Judge In Yankee Roster?

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The Athletic has suggested a trade-off between New York Yankees and New York Mets for shipping outfielder Starling Marte in exchange for Estevan Florial. Marte is having a terrible offensive season with the Mets this year. Yet, his athleticism on the field has been top-notch. While he may not be a like-for-like replacement for Aaron Judge, he can keep up with the steady offense, considering the change of scenery at the Yankees helped him regain his form.

On the other hand, Estevan Florial is having a terrific time at Triple-A. Till Sunday, the former prospect had 19 homers to his name. Despite these startling numbers, Florial has no future with the Yankees. Hence, the Mets can make good use of his current form and play him as a starter in the outfield. All in all, it’s a fair deal for both sides, and the chances of the exchange going ahead are way too high.