Anthony Volpe
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Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees rookie for the season, has been working diligently on refining his skills and approach at the plate. His form slump became a persistent problem for the team, and it even reached a point wherein the rookie’s roster spot was under threat. Thanks to the team’s unwavering backing, Volpe worked his way up and is now showing positive signs of improvement.

Adjusting to major league pitching is not easy for any rookie. Anthony Volpe faced the same dilemma as he struggled on the plate. However, an off day at home changed his perspective. While looking at his old clips along with minor league teammate Austin Wells, Volpe was able to identify an area of improvement and immediately worked on it. It has turned out well so far, as the shortstop is slowly gaining his rhythm back.


Yankees Hitting Coach Approves Anthony Volpe’s New Adjustment

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Anthony Volpe noticed a change in his batting stance while watching his old batting clips from the minor league. He instantly knew that he had to give it a try. Then, the rookie headed back to the Yankees camp and spoke to hitting coach Dillon Lawson, who approved his adjustment. Accordingly, Volpe worked on it and produced results. Since the adjustment, he has gone 8-for-31 with a .862 OPS. The strikeout rate is still a problem but is a little better than before. Speaking on the adjustment, the hitting coach explained the work that went on behind the scenes.

Lawson said that along with swing and setup, Anthony Volpe also changed his stride. The team particularly focused on the positioning of the hips. His hips, earlier, were moving wider while going forward to attack. Hence, Volpe adjusted it and tried to keep the distance between hips as short as possible. That eventually helped him cover pitches outside of the plate and also helped him recognize the pitches quicker. Later Volpe admitted that adjusting to major league pitching and catching has been the biggest challenge. But he is working tirelessly towards it and will get accustomed to it after a point.

Aaron Boone Credits Anthony Volpe For His Resilience

Anthony Volpe
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On Sunday, Yankees rookie Anthony Volpe had a productive day. The struggling shortstop hit a double in his third at-bat and scored in the eighth innings. Despite facing strikeouts in the first two at-bats, the rookie made a strong comeback in the third. The hit was much needed for Volpe as he is going through a difficult phase. At such dire times, he has garnered support from his manager, Aaron Boone.

Speaking at the post-game presser, Boone said that Anthony Volpe is a guy with the right mindset. No matter how many setbacks he faces, the rookie always finds a way to show up the next day with the same confidence. He is tough for a kid who is just 22 years old. Further, the manager added that in the past week or 10 days, Volpe has been trending a lot better with the at-bat quality, which is a positive sign for him and the team as well.