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With each passing day, the budget cap row of Red Bull is getting more and more heated. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has been continuously firing shots at the rival team about the same. Even when the issue is currently under investigation by FIA, there have been claims that the governing body is deliberately delaying the investigation. But now, Red Bull boss Christian Horner has stated that the entire fiasco has been designed to divert attention from Verstappen\’s title win. What is that all about? Keep reading to find out.

Christian Horner Points Out The Timing Of Budget Cap Fiasco

Christian Horner, the team manager of Red Bull, asserted that discussions about teams exceeding the budget cap from the previous year were intended. All this scenario came out to make a little diversion from Max Verstappen\’s likely second World Championship. Horner has had a generally optimistic outlook after the Japanese Grand Prix\’s difficult first day. For him, the weekend is important for two reasons. First, Verstappen may win the world championship title along with the race, and second, Red Bull might receive a penalty.


Horner pointed out that Max Verstappen\’s upcoming title victory might be tarnished by other teams exploiting budget cap rumors. The Dutchman is certain to win back-to-back championships this year because of his nearly insurmountable lead in the drivers\’ standings. Christian Horner may technically seal the title if he wins the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend and secures the additional point for the best lap.

Verstappen\’s achievement in winning the championship, which is about to be verified, is connected with the amount of debate that has surrounded the claims that his camp may have exceeded its budget in the previous campaign. While speaking with Sky Sports, Red Bull\’s CEO Christian Horner refuted accusations that their team had spent excessively. Horner insisted that he was certain his team followed the regulations. If any team did violate the rules at all, it was only tiny.


The Red Bull boss further reckoned that he will be patiently waiting until Monday for the FIA to make its conclusions public so that the rumors may come to a stop. They are also looking forward to the certification on Wednesday. However, it has been postponed for all of the teams. The FIA had planned to release its conclusions for the 2021 season on Wednesday. But owing to the drawn-out and complicated procedure, they have decided to wait until Monday. Formula One fans all around the world are also waiting at the edge of their seats for the FIA to reveal its findings. That is because if the breach is major, it can cost Max Verstappen his 2021 title. 

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