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The NBA regular season is almost approaching. All clubs are using the preseason to acclimate their squads to the alterations made during the summer with fewer than 12 days remaining. And the Los Angeles Lakers are no exception. They are now 0-3 in the preseason, but there are already indicators that they are improving from the previous campaign. Meanwhile, the newly appointed Lakers head coach Darvin Ham is experimenting with the team\’s lineup. So, that he can identify the best starting eleven in the season.

Darvin Ham Is Exploring the Lakers Lineup!

It will be difficult for the Los Angeles Lakers new head coach, Darvin Ham, to put together the ideal team of players to enable them to return to the playoffs. LeBron James and Anthony Davis provide a strong foundation for Darvin Ham. However, the roster is chock-full of inexperienced young players with various unanswered questions. Other than the players, Ham has stated that he hasn\’t decided who will play. But he has revealed that he plans to test out several lineups during the year.


The Lakers have components of playing big, small, and ultra-tiny when LeBron is playing the five at times. Darvin Ham does not like to use the term \”old-school coaches,\” but the rotation becomes less when the postseason rolls around. During the regular season, a long rotation would likely consist of 10–11 players. That number drops to 8–9 players as they approach the postseason. According to Ham, sometimes in a series, fewer players participate until the Finals as it progresses farther along.

Ham has experimented with a couple of different starting lineups so far in the preseason. He introduced Kendrick Nunn, noting how much he admired his defensive strategy and the way he was shooting the ball. On paper, Los Angeles seems to have a variety of alternatives available to them. But, it will be up to Darvin Ham to choose which possibilities are best on a regular basis. The small ball combination with Davis at center offers an additional option for the Lakers. It\’s widely believed that Davis can\’t play center for extended periods of time owing to the physical demands. Ham, though, doesn\’t think it should be the reason alarmed.


Dennis Schroder\’s paperwork has also been arranged in the interim. This will enable him to start working with his new colleagues as soon as possible. But it\’s still uncertain whether he\’ll be able to join the Lakers in time for their Sunday matchup with the Golden State Warriors. Darvin Ham also praised Austin Reaves for his outstanding performance in the two preseason contests. For the LA Lakers, who are attempting to recover from last season\’s disastrous campaign, he described the sophomore as a crucial element.

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