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Brian Cashman, Juan Soto

Juan Soto is comfortable with the New York Yankees and having the time of his life. He does not seem like an impending free agent worried about his future because he is poised to receive a hefty contract irrespective of his numbers. That is a perk of being a generational talent.

However, the New York Yankees are not so relaxed about Juan Soto’s free agency. They have seen firsthand the kind of impact Soto can have in the lineup. Therefore, the front office is willing to make every effort required to pursue an extension deal. However, in case things go sideways, the Yanks have reinforcement ready.


Can Yankees Trade Juan Soto For Pete Alonso In 2025?

Juan Soto, Pete Alonso

While the 2024 MLB season is just a month old, speculations related to upcoming free agency haven’t stopped swirling around the internet. In the latest rumor, Jon Heyman of the NY Post suggested a unique and bold player swap idea involving two city rivals, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. Heyman suggested that if Juan Soto lands with the Mets, the Yanks can pursue Pete Alonso as a fallback option, given that the two superstars will be unrestricted free agents next off-season. The analyst went on to add that the Mets have repeatedly expressed their desire to pursue Soto if he were to enter free agency. On the other hand, the Yanks also seem equally interested in an extension.

However, with Juan Soto unlikely to settle with anything under $500 million, the New York Yankees odds may take a hit, and they might get outbid by Mets. However, even for someone with a deep pocket like Steve Cohen, accommodating both Juan Soto and Pete Alonso is next to impossible, given the luxury tax regulations. Hence, to land Soto, the Mets would be required to sacrifice Alonso, thus creating an opportunity for the Yankees to seek a like-for-like replacement. While Alonso is an infielder, his offensive prowess is something that would intrigue the Bombers. After all, the offense is the most important parameter for the Yankees, and therefore, anybody with prolific numbers can fit into the squad irrespective of the logjam. While the proposed swap scenario might seem a pipe dream, Soto and Alonso would surely get enough attention next off-season.

Soto Greeted With MVP Chants After Latest Heroics Vs Rays!

Juan Soto, Yankees
Credit: Yankees twitter

Juan Soto was on absolute fire in Friday’s home game against the Tampa Bay Rays. As he tonked a three-run home run, Soto bursted into an angry and animated celebration while rounding the bases. He hyped not only his teammates but also the fans at Yankee Stadium, as the crowd erupted into ‘MVP’ chants.

Juan Soto’s never-before-seen avatar left the fans in complete awe, and the slugger also respected the crowd’s acknowledgment. However, Juan Soto said afterwards that it’s too early to say if he deserves to be in the MVP race. Surely, the start of the year has been excellent. But the season is long, and he needs to be consistent before dreaming about the MVP trophy.

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