Juan Soto, Yankees

25-year-old generational star Juan Soto is expected to be a hot commodity in the free agency market next year. The impending free agent is currently having the time of his life with the New York Yankees, soaking in all the love and support from the renowned Yankee fanbase.

However, once the change of scenery euphoria settles down, Juan Soto will look for his future. While the New York Yankees are serious contenders, the market is exploding for Soto. And some MLB executives have already started to speculate on the generational star’s contract value which could likely exceed a staggering amount.


Juan Soto Likely To Beat Aaron Judge In Next Year Free Agency!


Aaron Judge entered free agency right after his AL MVP-level season in 2022. But returned to the New York Yankees after managing partner Hal Steinbrenner offered him the captaincy. Judge ended up signing a $360 million nine-year extension contract with the Yanks, thus making him the richest player in the league. However, Judge’s record was broken by two-way sensation Shohei Ohtani’s staggering $700 million deal with LA Dodgers. That being said, Juan Soto is likely to enter this special list in 2025. The impending free agent is currently on a one-year rental deal with the New York Yankees and is all set to test free agency waters next year. While the Bronx Bombers could attempt an extension offer, Soto is unlikely to entertain any such deal without exhausting all options.

Having said that, multiple AL and NL executives believe Juan Soto would fetch a minimum of $500 million deal in upcoming free agency. While $500 million may seem like an astronomical figure, it’s not entirely out of reach for a player of Soto’s caliber. In recent years, several MLB superstars have signed megadeals, including Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani. Given Soto’s track record of success and his age, he could conceivably command an even larger contract than his predecessors, especially if multiple teams are vying for his services. Overall, whether Soto ultimately lands a $500 million contract remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain: his impending free agency is poised to be one of the most closely watched and highly anticipated storylines in the baseball world in the coming years.

Soto Focused On Yankees Duties Amid Free Agency Speculations

Juan Soto

While MLB analysts cannot stop making up imaginary free agency scenarios, Juan Soto is least bothered about his own future. When asked about his future plans, Soto confirmed that he is focused on playing baseball for the New York Yankees. He has put free agency duties on his agent, Scott Boras, as he trusts the latter blindly to make the right decision.

Moreover, Juan Soto confirmed feeling at home with the New York Yankees. While he was skeptical about the trade at first, the energy and atmosphere of the Yankee stadium got him hooked on the organization’s culture. Hence, Soto plans on enjoying this one-in-a-lifetime surreal experience before free agency drama officially kicks in.

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