Aaron Boone (l) and Brian Cashman Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The New York Yankees slipped out of the playoff race after losing the home series to Chicago Cubs over the weekend. They plunged to fourth on the AL-East table, a game below the Toronto Blue Jays. As the situation worsened, the front office held hitting coach Dillon Lawson accountable for the offensive slump and relieved him of his coaching duties.

Dillon Lawson, who joined the team in 2021, had a hard time with the Yankees this season. Under his supervision, the team’s offense fell to an all-time low and ranked one of the worst in the whole league. Naturally, the move was inevitable. However, ever since Lawson got sacked, rumors have been floating around that Aaron Boone, the manager, has been next in line.


MLB Beat Writer Claims Aaron Boone’s Job Is Not In Danger Amid Raging Rumors!

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Following the recent sacking of the New York Yankees’ hitting coach, speculation has emerged regarding the future of manager Aaron Boone. With the team underperforming and struggling to meet expectations, some fans and observers have questioned whether Boone could be the next in line for a potential change in leadership. Boone, who took over as the Yankees’ manager prior to the 2018 season, has had his fair share of success. Moreover, under his leadership, the team has reached the playoffs in each of the seasons. However, the ultimate goal of winning a World Series title still remains unfinished.

Meanwhile, MLB beat writer Andy Martino has claimed that Aaron Boone’s job is completely secure. He has apparently received confirmation from his major league sources that the Yankees are not contemplating firing Boone. To be fair, the skipper is currently in his sixth season and has an impressive 476-323 record to back his case. Also, sacking the manager would not make much sense. The problem is with the offense, in which Boone has too little part to play. Moreover, the Yankees organization has shown confidence in Aaron Boone in the past, extending his contract in 2020 despite their playoff disappointments. Hence, as much as the fans want it, the rumored move is unlikely to turn into reality anytime soon.

MLB Radio Host Says Brian Cashman Can Never Get Fired By Yankees!

Brian Cashman

Manager Aaron Boone is not the only one receiving heat. Fans have also urged the Yankees to hold general manager Brian Cashman accountable for the team’s fall this season. Many fans suggest that Cashman constructed the wrong team during the off-season. Hence, the club is now bearing the brunt of his awful decisions. However, as per radio host Chris McMonigle, Yanks owner Hal Steinbrenner does have a stomach to fire Cashman.

Chris believes that Hal is extremely comfortable with Brian Cashman and hence can never gather up the courage to sack him. He also suggested that Dillon Lawson’s exit meant nothing as he was made a mere scapegoat to please the fans. Ultimately, only time will tell how the Bombers address their recent struggles and whether they decide to make any changes in leadership. For now, Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman will keep their positions and will continue to work towards guiding the team back to championship contention.