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Looks like the New York Yankees are going to have no representative at the All-Star game this year. The midsummer classic is scheduled for July 11 in Seattle, where no Yankee is expected to board a flight. Only Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole are named All-Stars for the 2023 season. Moreover, owing to various limitations, both the aces are likely to give the event a miss.

The All-Star Game is a midsummer event that showcases the best players from each league, as voted by fans, players, and coaches. The selection process aims to be comprehensive. But, there are inevitably players who miss out on the opportunity to participate, despite their outstanding performances throughout the season. According to the Yankees manager, a few of his players truly deserved a spot and representation on the final roster.


Aaron Boone Feels Yankees Bullpen Should Have Received Representation At The All-Star

Aaron Boone
New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone speaks to reporters before Game 4 of an American League Championship baseball series at Yankee Stadium, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2022, in New York. (Seth Wenig/AP)

This year apart from Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole, no other Yankee has made it to the All-Star. While Judge is injured, Cole is unlikely to start. Hence, by the early looks of it, this season’s midsummer classic will move on without a Yankee representation. Meanwhile, team manager Aaron Boone has expressed his disappointment over several high-performing Yankees players being snubbed for the event. In his weekly appearance on a podcast hosted by Talkin Yanks, Boone specifically highlighted a few Yankees players who he believed were deserving of All-Star nods.

It all started when the host of the podcast, Jake, said that he was shocked to see that no one from the Yankees bullpen earned an All-Star call-up. The Yank’s bullpen has been the best in the league right now, with the lowest ERA. Boone also resonated with the sentiment. He continued that statistically, the team’s bullpen has stayed the best. Hence, strong arms like Clay Holmes and Michael King should have received a call-up. Boone further named Gleyber Torres as a potentially deserving candidate. He feels that Torres was excellent in the first half of the season. But he hit a rough patch because his luck mostly did not favor him. While the snubs may seem disappointing, it’s essential to note that the All-Star selection process remains a highly subjective process.

Yanks Manager Fires Up Veteran Batters Amid Another Loss

Meeting on the mound with Marinaccio. Twitter NYY

Owing to yet another underwhelming offensive performance, the Yankees lost the series finale to the Orioles on Wednesday. All of the big names, except for Josh Donaldson, went hitless. Naturally, the manager, Aaron Boone, faced the heat in the post-game presser. He was again asked if Aaron Judge’s absence was the sole reason behind the team’s fall. To this, a fired-up Boone hit out at veteran hitters for not stepping up.

Boone said that the lineup he is putting on the field is capable enough to do significant offensive damage. The talk around the absence of Aaron Judge is nothing but a mere excuse to cover the team’s failures. Regardless, the stats paint a different picture. Since Judge’s injury, the Yankees’ collective average has dropped to .196 with a low .599 OPS. The team also lost eight of 12 games. These stats suggest that Aaron Judge, after all, did leave a huge hole in the lineup, which the veteran has been so far unable to fulfill.