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Adrian Newey is a renowned British Formula One car designer. He played a huge role in Red Bull Racing’s success over the years. Newey joined the drink-based racing out in 2006. He overlooked six constructors’ and seven drivers’ world championships along the way.

Not only that but on the grid, Adrian Newey is widely regarded as the aerodynamics wizard. His understanding of Formula One cars is unmatched. Newey is a key reason behind Red Bull Racing’s invincible run over the past two seasons. However, as dynamics shift, FIA’s crackdown could force a change in Adrian Newey’s job position within the Milton Keynes factory.


Adrian Newey Likely To Step Aside From Red Bull’s F1-Related Activities

Red Bull

One of Adrian Newey‘s most significant career moves came in 2005 when he joined the Red Bull Racing team as Chief Technical Officer. During his tenure with the Bulls, Newey played a pivotal role in designing the cars. It helped the team achieve unprecedented success. Newey’s designs are characterized by their innovative aerodynamic concepts and technical sophistication. However, going ahead, the drink-based outfit could lose Newey’s services. In 2022, the team announced that Adrian will design a two-seat hypercar called the RB17 under Red Bull Advanced Technologies. However, as per Auto Motor and Sport, the team could move Adrian to the RB17 project in a full-time capacity. This move is to free up one of the three high-earning positions for others.

Notably, the top three earners of every F1 team are exempted from the budget cap. Currently, Adrian Newey holds a similar position in Red Bull Racing. Thus, shifting Newey to the engineering side of the outfit will allow them to acquire more talents. Until now, Newey has been working part-time in the Formula One team. However, in 2023, FIA banned part-time work. Thus, Newey now won’t be allowed to work on the Formula One car and the RB17 supercar simultaneously. Having said that, the move could help the Bulls to some extent. Newey’s departure will encourage the poaching of fresh talent. However, on the flip side, to fill the aero wizards is not a cakewalk. Losing his expertise in car design could prove fatal for the drink-based outfit. Thus, several implications of the moves need to be studied before the team makes the bold move.

Christian Horner Expects Rivals To Copy RB Series In 2024!

Red Bull
A first look at the Miami livery on the RB19. via Red Bull Twitter

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 F1 season, Christian Horner has issued a bold claim on rivals’ competitiveness. He said a lot of cars on the grid could look like RB19 in 2024. Horner expects the rivals to copy their design and aerodynamics. It’s because the temptation and desperation to beat the Bulls is inevitable.

“I’m convinced you’ll see a lot more cars that perhaps look like an RB19. It’s inevitable they would do,” said Horner. Having said that, the Red Bull boss reckons how his team is looking to move forward and not backward. They have managed to create a steep gap in development compared to `their rivals. Thus, the drink-based outfit will try to maximize the advantage before the competition gets closer.

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