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Adrian Newey is the chief technical officer of Red Bull and also the mastermind behind the brilliance of the RB19 car. It is mainly because of the partnership of Christian Horner and Adrian Newey that the Red Bull team’s success is skyrocketing. They have waited a long time to get back the success they have been enjoying for the last couple of years. In the current season, they have won all the races so far. Among the seven races held so far, Max Verstappen has won five already, along with his teammate Sergio Perez winning the remaining.

Hence, the question arises, what’s the secret behind Red Bull’s success? Is it Max Verstappen, or is it a high-quality RB19 car? Everybody can notice the difference in speed between RB19 and the rest of the cars on the grid at present. On top of that, the car’s floor is unique, and everybody has been in awe of that since the crane lifted the RB19 car. Looks like Adrian Newey has finally provided the answers to the fans’ query. Apparently, “Stability is the secret behind the team’s success.”


Adrian Newey Points Out At What Really Worked Well For Red Bull

Adrian Newey Christian Horner
Adrian Newey Christian Horner Red Bull

The chief technical officer of Red Bull feels that it is the upper management of the team that has done the trick. Adrian Newey has brought many people along the way to the team. For instance, Pierre Wache, the technical director since 2018, has been part of the team since 2013. Wache was internally promoted to his current position under Newey. Adding to that, chief designer Craig Skinner has been with Red Bull since 2006. He has progressed a lot ever since he started as a CFD engineer. Then there is Enrico Balbo, who is the aero lead, who came from Mercedes and joined Red Bull in January 2018.

Newey also discussed how the team has progressed in its upper management over the years under his leadership. He spoke with Sky Italy, where he mentioned, “I never looked in the way that I’m in charge of everybody. Despite that is what it is theoretically.” Moreover, Newey suggested that everybody should communicate in a team instead of exchanging emails and stuff. He believes that his job is to involve everybody in the team discussion and tries to make the place as involved as it can get to work. Newey is also very proud of some of the engineers as well.

Red Bull Is Not Looking To Get Complacent

Red Bull Boss Drivers
Team Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

Red Bull’s chief technical engineer says that the key is not to lose focus, as getting complacent can lead to a disaster. Previously, the Milton-Keynes-based team enjoyed hegemony on the grid from 2010 to 2013 until Mercedes took over in 2014 and continued till 2021. However, Red Bull once again won the driver’s world championship in 2021. And that was the start of the new glorious era of them. Since winning the 2021 driver’s title, they have not looked back. Red Bull won the 2022 season in a dominating style. They won 17 races last year. Max Verstappen alone won 15 Grand Prix, most for any driver in a season.