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REPORTS: Red Bull Aero Wizard Admits Taking Cues From Mercedes’ Failed ‘Zeropod’ Concept!

Red Bull Racing achieved a sweep spot with their car development last year, finishing with a record 99% win record. Barring the Singapore GP, the team saw the checkered flag first in every other race on the calendar with the help of the unstoppable beast RB19.

RB19’s pace was unmatchable, as rivals fell 15-20 seconds behind Max Verstappen, who retained the drivers’ championship midway through the season. While RB19 faced some issues early on, Red Bull aerodynamic wizard Adrian Newey fixed the plugs sooner rather than later. But interestingly, Newey apparently sought help from rivals before deciding what was best for their car.


Adrian Newey Shares Backstory On RB Series Development!

Red Bull

Red Bull Racing witnessed a meteoric rise in F1 since teaming up with engine partner Honda. Moreover, the addition of aerodynamics wizard Adrian Newey helped the team crack the code to not only a competitive car but also one of the finest developments in the sport. The RB19 introduced last season was nothing short of a modern-day miracle from Newey under current ground effects regulations. It had a lethal pace and almost raced faster than light with DRS. Not only that, the RB19 was stable on high-speed corners despite having significant weight. While many touted the floor as being the ultimate performance gainer, Adrian Newey’s masterclass was beyond the understanding of highly qualified engineers on the grid.

That being said, prior to designing RB19, Adrian Newey confessed to having a quick look at Mercedes’ ill-fated Zeropod concept, which was once deemed a revolutionary innovation. Mercedes’ challenger in 2022 had no sidepods, and the team stuck with the same concept in 2023 despite underwhelming results. But in hindsight, they paid the price with a zero-win season. Meanwhile, Newey admitted that he was intrigued by Mercedes’ bold innovation, and he went to have a quick look at their car. However, after careful contemplation, the aero wizard chose to trust Red Bull’s existing development program. “We mainly concentrated on developing our own car, and luckily, we seem to have had a decent solution,” said Newey. Fortunately, Adrian Newey trusted his program, which led Red Bull to unimaginable glory in the 2023 season.

Red Bull Aero Wizard Lured By Aston Martin!

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After Ferrari’s attempt to poach Red Bull aerodynamics scholar Adrian Newey failed, Aston Martin has now entered the race to lure Newey to their side. Notably, the drink-based racing outing is under severe turmoil in the aftermath of a sexual misconduct investigation against team principal Christian Horner. As per rumors, several senior key figures of the team have started to lose faith in Horner and could seek an exit for the right opportunity.

Adrian Newey was amongst the many names floated as engineers with uncertain futures at Red Bull. That being said, Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll has apparently offered big bucks to Adrian Newey to join hands with him. Moreover, Stroll is leaving no stone unturned to increase the stakes in case Newey is up to reconsider his positions with the Bulls and wants to hear a real offer.

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